Best Darton Crossbow Reviews & Parts & Accessories In 2024

Darton Crossbows reviews are here, we hope that you must be waiting for this crossbow. So we couldn’t keep our worthy readers waiting. These crossbows are quite popular among high-rated crossbow brands.

The Darton Crossbow feature premium-grade building material along with dynamic formation and design. Although its functioning features are just phenomenal because they craft their crossbows with the latest technology.

As compared to crossbows from other brands like Excalibur, Barnett, and Tenpoint, these crossbows feature lethal shooting impact despite having an under 400 FPS shooting velocity. Whereas the shifted center of mass formation makes it much more valuable.

Best Hunting Crossbow By Darton-Top Picks 2024

This Darton Crossbow Review contains a fair and balanced opinion. We tested the crossbows mentioned in this review thoroughly with quite a rough-tough testing. Whereas the crossbows have stood firm against all the testing perimeters.

These crossbows have most precise CNC-machine crafting that adds more to its strength. The cams-mechanisms have crafting of hard but lightweight aluminium metal. These aluminium metal cams are highly dependable with frisky movement.

Moreover, the accessories package is high-valued. The crossbow package has two different price tags. One is a standard hunting pack and the other s the value-added hunting package with added external accessories that may cost a few additional bucks.

As a whole, the Darton crossbows incorporate premium accessories, high-end make, and extended precision and accuracy thanks to its sturdy building.

So, without any further delay let’s get straight to our premium crossbows by Darton as follows:

1-Darton Rebel 135 SS Crossbow
2-Darton Fire Force Crossbow
3-Darton Viper Extreme Crossbow

1: Darton Rebel 135 SS Crossbow

Darton Rebel 135 SS Crossbow


Darton Rebel 135 SS is our first option in the Best Darton Crossbows Reviews. This crossbow has the best-built that features the premium design and formation. It features the wholesome pro-hunter formation for easy handling making it a fine choice for beginners.

Whereas this crossbow has a made up of exquisite composite build material along with hard carbon that adds more to its sturdiness and dependability. Its specifications and features are another attraction that makes its shooting too precise and powerful.

Talking about its formation, it has impressed us a lot because of its centre of mass tilted towards the shoulder portion for convenient carrying and manoeuvring.  Although the pistol-like grip and compound sort of formation are phenomenal.

Overall, this crossbow has a wholesome balanced formation. So the crossbow features a lightweight feel along with its custom adaptability cheek piece that gives much more adjustment margin.

Darton Rebel 135 SS Crossbow

So the barrel and stock of this crossbow have high-grade build material crafting & its stock has high-end extendability. Additionally, it has immensely silent shooting.

Its fibreglass string stoppers, dampened barrels, and premium string dampening functionality facilitates high-dampened shooting. As a whole, this crossbow gives you a highly comfortable usage experience due to its rifle-like formation.

As the Rebel 135 SS is very attractive. It is features a premium-grade elegant touch finish. Moreover, the camouflage layerings add more to its looks. Although the foot stirrup has a bit extended length for convenient cocking.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The Rebel 135 SS crossbow comes along with an ambidextrous formation that makes its usage and handling very comfy. Although the shooting mechanism and synced-cams mechanism enable it to have a 350 FPS shooting velocity.

Whereas the cabling mechanism and string stopper are synced immensely with each other and make this crossbow hold a draw weight of 180 LBS. Although its extended foot stirrup aids a lot for its cocking.

Sizing & Weight

As for the dimensions of this crossbow, it has actual end-to-end length of 32” along with a power stroke of 13-½”. Whereas the crossbow features optimal length that is quite good for handy usage and manoeuvring.

Moreover, Rebel 135 SS features hard-built construction and highly efficient shooting and cams mechanism that has aluminium crafting, which makes it weigh almost 7-⅛” LBS that is quite moderate.

Darton Rebel 135 SS crossbow features an axle-to-axle width that is 17” wide while being at rest. But the crossbow becomes 13” wide whenever it is cocked.

Safety & Sighting

Darton Rebel 135 SS Crossbow

Also, Darton Rebel 135 SS crossbow comes along with exquisite safety features that can keep you and your shooting session immensely safe from any sot of the unfortunate moment you might face while hunting.

The crossbow string is placed a bit far away from the area where your fingers could reach. Although its has TriggerTrac Technology installed in it that enhances its crispiness and makes it hold a pull of 2-¼ LBS.

Moreover, it features an automated safety engagement functionality that engages at the moment when you put the arrow in its barrel. Although the safety features need to be disengaged manually before shooting.

It has an ADF functionality commonly known as the Anti-Dry fire mechanism installed in this crossbow keeps your hunting session safe from dry or misfiring.

Therefore a hard-built scope facilitates the sighting functionality of this crossbow,  that has dimensions of 4x32mm. This scope extends your tracking and tracing ability up to 80 yards.


The Darton Rebel 135 SS crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-4x32mm scope
  • 1-Pack of Weaver rings
  • 1-4 arrow quiver
  • 4-Carbon arrows
  • 1-Rope cocker
  • 1- Lube for railings


  • Hard built
  • Quite operations
  • Optimal weightage
  • Crispy trigger
  • Immensely balanced


  • Safety button placed at the wrong spot
  • Costly
Final Verdict
The Darton Rebel 135 SS crossbow is incorporated with high-end Dynalite stock along with premium building material. This crossbow has efficient shooting velocity with lethal impact force. Although it is a bit expensive and the safety button is placed in the wrong place.

2: Darton FireForce Crossbow

Darton FireForce Crossbow


The crossbow is the best performance compound hunting bow featured in this Darton Crossbows Review. This crossbow has high-performing shooting and cabling mechanisms installed in it that are just immaculate for efficiency and stability.

FireForce crossbow by Darton features a high-efficiency mechanism and precisely crafted frame that will add enormously to its wholesome performance and efficiency.

The crossbow has made up of immensely sturdy Teflon coating that keeps it away from any sort of abruptions. As the FireForce crossbow has premium-grade risers installed, crafted through highly efficient CNC machines.

This makes its performance very efficient and stable. Moreover, the cams mechanism featured in this crossbow is synced through sturdy Dynalight strings that are just amazing.

Darton FireForce Crossbow

Collectively speaking this crossbow remained a wonderful partner throughout the testing session. Whereas it is sturdy and robust, along with its built-to-last features of this crossbow is a must-have article that will make your hunting sessions highly fruitful.

Moreover, it features a quad-limbs formation that is just an extraordinary thing that makes your hunting and handling both quite fruitful and convenient. The quad limbs are interconnected with each other through highly synchronised cams via Dynalite strings.

This FireForce crossbow features an efficient cams and cabling systems that incorporates high-end shooting velocity with an immense shooting impact that would take down goose, elk, or grizzlies conveniently as if it were minor games.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The FireForce crossbow by Darton comes with robust and rugged cam mechanisms that feature Dynalite strings. This interconnectivity makes it hold a draw weight of 185 LBS.

Whereas the 185 LBS draw weight incorporated in this crossbow enables it to have a shooting velocity of 400 FPS that is quite good and lethal as well. It is affordable crossbow for these features.

Sizing & Weight

Darton FireForce Crossbow sighting scope

As for the dimensions of FireForce by Darton, let us say that they have impressed us a lot. As the crossbow is almost 38″ long from both of its ends along with a wholesome weightage of 8.7 LBS.

This crossbow features an exquisite grade grip that is powered with a power stroke of 17-¼”. Although the axle-to-axle width of this crossbow is 26-⅛” (uncocked) and 20″

Safety & Sighting

The Darton FireForce crossbow has installed supreme grade and high-efficiency safety mechanisms that features exquisite trigger technology and other safety engagement functions such as ADF.

Although the TriggerTrac safety feature of crossbow elevates the trigger pull weightage to almost 2-1/8 LBS that secures your hunting sessions.

Whereas the featured ADF feature works along with a safety button for keeping your hunting or practice session away from dry firing.


The Darton FireForce crossbow package comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-4x32mm Scope
  • 1-Weaver Ring pack
  • 1-BQ4 arrow quiver
  • 4-22″ arrows


  • Value for money
  • Lethal velocity
  • Crisp trigger
  • Hard and extraneous impact
  • Highly precise


  • The crossbow is a bit long
Final Verdict The Darton FireForce is the best shooting crossbow in this Darton Crossbow Review. It features an automatically engaging safety and trigger mechanism along with its deadly shooting velocity. Although this crossbow has an extra long frame.

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3: Darton Viper Extreme Crossbow

Darton Viper Extreme Crossbow


Our last but not the least pick of today’s Darton Crossbows Reviews is the Viper Extreme. This crossbow features the most dynamic formation and premium-grade build material. It has comfy handling along with a special sort of formation for right-handed users.

Whereas it is perfect for left-handed hunters as well. As it is combined with wholesome ambidextrous formation. Although the this crossbow has building material of the premium and robust composite along with hard carbon.

Moreover, the barrel design in this is the exclusive Darton patented that aids immensely for premium precise and accurate shooting. The patented design reduces the friction and nock factor that could influence your shooting and leads you to misfire.

Darton Viper Extreme Crossbow

The rifle-like formation of Viper Extreme makes its appearance much more attractive so the pistol-like hand grip adds more to its efficiency while maneuvering and usage. So the string and cabling mechanism is also of exquisite grading and highly synced with each other.

The high-synced cabling and string mechanism of this crossbow keeps it functioning without any sort of distortion that may cause any disturbance. Although this crossbow has dedicated design for enhanced string release that is immensely beneficial for the hunter.

Velocity & Draw Weight

As the Viper Extreme is amazingly high-performing and the cams and cabling mechanism both are highly synced with each other. Therefore you would be curious about its shooting velocity.

Therefore, it has a shooting velocity of 360 FPS along with a draw weight of 180 LBS. you would be astonished to acknowledge that this crossbow can efficiently take down deer, elk, moose, and grizzlies because of its high-rated kinetic storage.

Sizing & Weight

Although the Viper Extreme crossbow by Darton comes along with an actual end-to-end length of 35-½” along with a power stroke that incorporates a length of 13-½” along with a wholesome weightage of 8.9 LBS.

As it has exquisite fiber glass limbs with premium-built risers, therefore, the axle-to-axle width in this crossbow is 17” when it is uncocked. Although when cocked, the width becomes 12-½”.

Safety & Sighting

The Viper Extreme crossbow is a lethal hunting arsenal to have therefore it is mandatory to incorporate it with premium-grade safety features, therefore, the makers have installed high-end safety features like ADF, and TriggerTrap technology in it.

Darton Viper Extreme Crossbow

It has synced ADF, and TriggerTrap technology with each other for nullifying any sort of half-cocked firing, miss firing, or dry firing, although the trigger holds a pull of 3 LBS.

Although this crossbow has powered HD scope for enhanced sighting ability, designated with 4×32 mm dimensions and has a range of 60 yards.


The Darton Viper Extreme crossbow package have the following accessories:

  • 1- Scope with 4x32mm
  • 1-Pack of Weaver Rings
  • 1-4 arrow quiver
  • 4-22” arrows
  • 1-Rope Cocker
  • 1- Rail lubricant tube


  • Built
  • Highly dampened
  • Premium built
  • Deadly impact
  • Efficient performance


  • Bit heavy
Final Verdict: The Darton Viper Extreme is the best-dampened crossbow. This crossbow features supremely convenient dimensions that are quite convenient to carry and manoeuvre. Although this crossbow holds a bit of heavy weightage.


1-What makes Darton Crossbows soo special?

The Darton Crossbows have high synced functioning. Although the functioning and shooting are dead silent. Whereas the high impact shooting with underrated shooting velocity is the factor that makes the Darton crossbow very renowned.

2-What is the velocity and draw weight of the Darton Rebel 135 SS crossbow?

The Darton Rebel Crossbow comes along with a shooting velocity of 350 FPS. Although it has a draw weight of 180 LBS, that makes its shooting velocity incorporated with premium-grade impact force.

3-How are Darton Crossbows crafted?

The Darton Crossbows incorporates composite or carbon frames along with aluminum cams. Although these crossbows have limbs and riser installed in them & have crafting of fiberglass or Gordon glass. Whereas the crossbow components have immensely precised composition through the CNC machines.

4-What are the dimensions of the Darton FireForce Crossbow?

The Darton FireForce Crossbow features an end-to-end length of 35-½” and a power stroke of 13-½”. It has an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 17”/12-½” along with a weightage of 8.9 LBS.

Final Conclusion

We hope that our efforts from the very start till finalizing these three top-rated crossbows in Darton Crossbow Review have brought fruit to us.

These crossbows are a bit pricey but the performance, dimensions, and efficiency featured in these crossbows are worth spending every single penny. After going through the review, if you’re looking for some expert advice then here it is.

If you’re obsessed with extreme shooting velocity that gives an immaculate adrenaline rush. Then the Darton FireForce Crossbow can be your cup of tea. As it comes along with 400 FPS shooting velocity along with an external rope cocking device. The Darton Viper Extreme crossbow is waiting for you if you’re willing to hit the woods, specifically in those areas that are quite narrow. This crossbow features an immensely narrow formation along with lethal shooting impact and premium safety features

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