Why should you aim with your dominant eye?

When this comes to such activities in which an accurate target is demanded. The activities included sports, shooting, and archery among which a good Markman is very important. The selection of a dominant eye plays a fundamental aspect in crossbow shooting if you want to become a perfect shooter. Are you curious to know why should you aim with your dominant eye?

Do you know what eye to close when shooting? For more accurate shooting, you have to shoot with your dominant eye. Just like our dominant hand, there is also a dominant eye.

 Have you any idea which is your dominant eye? As your helpful assistant, I am here to help you in this matter.

     My Dominant-Eye finding experience

It was my personal experience when I started learning to shoot, I was left-handed. I was thinking that the dominant eye is left for those who are left-handed, but I was wrong.

At that time, my shooting coach told me that not everyone has the same situation and that choosing the right dominant eye helps you to become a professional shooter.

The method of knowing the correct dominant eye is very simple.

Easy tricks to find the correct dominant eye

Here, I am going to share some ways through which you can find your correct dominant eye. I have tried them myself.

·         I took a piece of wooden cardboard and tied it to my cap just in front of my right eye to know whether my left eye was dominant or not. But my aim was wrong. Then, I put that cardboard in front of my left eye and found out that my dominant eye was my right eye.

You can make cardboard easily. You just have to take a small piece of cardboard. Then, cut this in a square shape in a way that it completely hides your eye. Then, attach this cardboard to the cap you wear.

Then, I used another trick to confirm it. It was:

·   I made a small triangle with my hands at a little distance from my eyes. Then, my left eye was continuously open and the right was closed. Here, the eye that closed is my dominant eye.

These are the tricks that you can easily use to find out your dominant eye.

If the question arises in your mind why am I left-eye dominant but right-handed, then it’s not a big issue. Many people have the same dominant eye and dominant hand, but some cases are different.

Many sharp shooters aim with both eyes open and some of them aim by closing one eye. Do you want to know which is more effective in crossbow shooting?

Which is better? Both eyes closed or one eye closed

It is natural for every person to close one eye when shooting. When you focus on your target with one eye closed, this gives you full focus on your target. Plus, it blocks out everything around it and makes your aim right.

Aiming with both eyes open is better and more appropriate for those who carry crossbow-shooting guns for their self-defense and hunting. Your dominant eye in hunting doesn’t matter. It is because they have to keep an eye on everything around them.

Furthermore, when you are looking at your target with one eye closed, the other eye is also deeply influencing it. This is because our brain puts all the energy and focus on our single eye, which makes it very easy for us to aim properly.

Can I shoot with my non-dominant eye?

You must be thinking about shooting with the non-dominant eye. If you use your non-dominant eye during shooting, you may get the wrong information from your brain about your target. That’s why, shooting with the dominant eye is preferable.

If you are right-dominant-handed and have a left-dominant eye, you can change your dominant eye. Such people tend to forget their correct dominant eye while aiming and get confused, which makes their aim worse.

Most people change their dominant eye to get rid of this confusion.  It is not impossible to do, it just takes your time and practice. According to Bruce Lee:

Practice makes a man perfect.

Also, do exercises, that keep your eyes healthy and give them sharp vision. Try to do those activities that deeply challenge your eyes and muscles. For this, 3D puzzles are suitable. 

While changing your dominant eye, try to do specific tasks with your non-dominant eye. This practice gives you an advantage in converting your non-dominant into a dominant eye.

In some cases, the dominance of the eyes plays an important role. For this, you can get help from your coach or an optometrist. They provide guidance in this series and exercises to do in making it possible for you.

Can any optometrist help you in this regard?

For exercise, you can visit an optometrist for this. They have two charts with a pair of letters. One of them consists of small letters and the other one of large letters. They hang large letter charts on the wall twenty feet away and the small letter chart in your hand. We can say it one eye at a time exercise.

In this, you have to focus on large letters and then look at the chart that is in your hands. This process helps you to focus.

During my coaching, a man with a right dominant hand and a left dominant eye came to me. Both were different, he was not able to focus on his target, so I suggested him to make the non-dominant eye a dominant eye.

For people who lose one of their eyes due to eye surgery or a childhood disability, their one eye works faster. This is because their brain gives all of its energy and attention to that eye. According to research, the brain pays just as much attention to the disabled eye, but that attention is shifted to the healthy eye.

However, the person with the same dominant hand and dominant eye proved to be the best shooter. It is much easier for such people to focus on their target than other one. Your mind doesn’t tell the non-dominant eye the target correctly with the dominant hand.

What role does patching play in eye dominance?

It helps strengthen the eye that is weak. Also, it gives strength to your eye muscles and makes visual clear. People who want to change their dominant eye get an eye patch to wear on the dominant eye for a specific period of time.

Changing eye dominance is not possible for everyone. If after too much struggle, the eye dominance has not changed then there is another option of surgery is available for such people.

It is the last option for you if you are willing to change your dominant eye. In this era, the dominant eye-shooting is popular among people.

          Scientific Researches About Dominant Eye

Scientific research matters a lot in all kinds of matters.

·   It is found through science that some persons have one dominant eye and some of them have both dominant eyes.

·   The person with left-handed has a left-eye dominant eye and right-handed people can have any of them.

From the above information, you get the answer to why should you aim with your dominant eye.

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