Crossbow Shooter:How Crossbow Work?

Do you want to become a crossbow shooter and want to know how crossbow work? The function of the crossbow is the same as a bow and a riffle. Just like them, a crossbow has similar ranges and estimated distances for a pinpoint shot.

This popular weapon has been known for its importance and usage since the time of emperors. Here, I am going to tell you about the history of crossbows. Stay tuned…

History of Crossbows:

As we know, before the invention of guns crossbows had been invented. Archeologists have discovered that crossbows were used in China as early as 2500 years ago. Not only in China but also, it was found in Roman as well as in other countries. The difference between crossbows in China and Roman is that Roman uses rotating nuts while China has hooks and a lever system because their culture is different.

During the time of emperors, a crossbow was specially designed for hunting and in wars. Many people use crossbows because of their interests. They are also very well organized and powerful like guns.

In the 15th & 16th centuries, European people used them for hunting and for aiming at targets. Moreover, they still use these crossbows, although modern models have taken the place of those crossbows.

If someone is willing to become an expert crossbow shooter, these requirements should be present in them: 

●   Speed matters a lot

● Strength for stretching out(physical fitness)

● Focus well on the target

● Safety knowledge

● Continuous practice

●   Crossbow knowledge

● Proficiency in crossbow

To become an expert crossbow, there are many steps to go through which takes many years. Crossbows require more physical fitness than bows.

Structure of early Crossbows:

The traditional/early crossbows were designed simply with pieces of wood. Plus, they were also made from horns and bones. The ends of such crossbows are connected with bowstring.

A shooter takes at most one minute to aim perfectly, but early crossbows have the disadvantage of releasing their bolts within six seconds.

Being strong is essential to pulling the crossbow with full force because at that time the muscles are stretched. If the shooter is not strong, while stretching the crossbow his muscles become weak, which makes his aim inaccurate.

In the latest model of crossbows, one just has to pull the string and then leave it to the target. The latest crossbow has new components which were not present in the early crossbow. The components are:

Crossbow Shooter: Crossbow Mechanism:

The latest crossbow contains these components:

Crossbow Anatomy:

●                          String or cable system

●                          Prod

●                          Trigger Mechanism

●                     stock

Accessory Components:

●            Bolts(arrows)

●            Sight

●       Quiver

Do you think it is difficult to use it? Not at all!

I am going to tell you how do modern crossbow works.

The working process of traditional crossbows and modern crossbows is almost the same. However, in modern crossbows, additional components and materials have been added to get better results. Its structure is made in this way so that new components can be added that help them as a trigger mechanism. Now, the function of each component is as follows:


Just as the foundation of a wall is brick, the crossbow’s foundation is stock. It is designed in a way so that it can hold, support, balance, and all the other crossbow components together like accessories, limbs, and trigger mechanisms. It is completely secure and properly aligned.

In Crossbow, it works as a central framework. The purpose of make it so that the shooter can target without any shoulder support quickly and accurately.

Furthermore, it balanced the overall weight of a crossbow for the ease of a shooter. Due to this, a shooter can easily handle it if it has to use it for a long time.

Material Selection for Stock:

The stock is made up of wood synthetic material fiber glasses. Overall performance, weight, and durability of the crossbow depend upon the material you choose for stock.

If the shooter wants to adjust the length and grip design, it can be possible with the stock easily. “Forestock” and “Frame of the body” are other names of stock.


On stock, a limb refers to the lower & upper arms of the crossbow. It is made up of two strong materials composite material and fiberglass.

When you stretch out the trigger to release its string, the energy stored in it(potential energy) allows it to go in the forward direction. It works as a source of primary power in it. This stored energy is released only when we release its trigger. Because, when we release it all energy is transferred to the arrows.

After that, it returns to its zero position(original position) and the string is relaxed when the arrow is released.

There is a draw length that determines how much you stretched out the string to backward position. We can say it measures the limb length.

Plus, there is also a limb tip which is at the end of the limb. It is found by going to where the string is. Releasing and stress are handled by this limb tip.

There are different styles of limbs on the crossbow. Their design is quite simple and easy to maintain.


String is a component of the crossbow which we release by fetching out. The potential energy is stored in a string which is released after. The string is made up of durable and strong synthetic materials. The materials are

●            Fast Flight

●            Dacron

●       Dyneema or Spectra

The string is made up of these materials so that it doesn’t break when you pull it back with full force. String plays a vital role in crossbows when aiming at.

Here, I am telling you the function performed by string. Its main function is to store transferred energy as I mentioned above. In addition, if you want your string long-lasting and the safety of the crossbow you have to maintain it regularly. Check it daily, if it is broken don’t use it as it may harm you.

Plus, there are also string silencers that have many advantages to use. In particular, hunters use such string silencers so that their prey doesn’t run away.

It is attached to the limb points where the limb meets. It secures you if it gets accidentally released. The proper maintenance, routine checkup, and best material selection saves you from such accidents.


A bolt is a component of the cross that is used to aim at. It is the one in the string that we pull back and then release on the target. They give you quick and highly accurate results at any range than traditional bows.

A bolt consists of two pints. One is called the head and the other one is a tip. The head side is weighted and sharp in its structure that’s why, it easily rips your target apart. Its other side is thick so that the shooter can easily grip it.

It has not a specific size so you can buy any size of bolt you want. It was found that the normal bolt size is about 15 to 22 inches. Many expert shooters use long bolts but it has some disadvantages. The best bolts have 400 grains of mass, which gives you the best results.

According to physics law, lighter objects fly quicker and travel longer distances than heavier objects. If you use arrows that are light-weighted, it will reach your target very quickly. 

Safety Mechanism:

Modern Crossbows contains safety mechanism as compared to traditional crossbows. If accidental firing occurs, it protects the shooter as it contains a safety switch. Also, its safety is located on the back or on the side because it contains an anti-dry fire safety mechanism.

Stock Extensions:

Modern crossbows provide adjustable grips, accessory rails, and stock extensions for the comfort of shooters. Due to this, you feel like natural firing. It is found that crossbows are approximately 50mm in length.

 Here are some pros and cons of crossbows.


They have high-velocity

Take no draw time

Easy to use


Take time to reload

Heavy in weight

Limited range

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