Best Mission Archery Crossbows Reviews- Top Picks

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of the finest Mission Archery crossbows in today’s market. When it comes to precision, power, and reliability in crossbow technology, Mission Archery stands at the forefront. Therefore, Mission crossbows are steadily gaining fame among other top-brass competitors like Carbon & PSE . In this comprehensive review, we delve into a selection of Mission Archery’s top crossbow models, offering you a detailed analysis of their features, performance, and value for money.

Whether you’re a seasoned crossbow enthusiast searching for your next upgrade or a newcomer eager to embark on your archery journey with a trusted brand, this review is your ultimate resource. We’ll break down each crossbow’s specifications, discuss their unique advantages, and provide valuable insights to assist you in making an informed decision.

Top Selling Mission Archery Crossbow-2024

Here comes the Best Mission Archery Reviews that will nullify numerous concerns and reservations of all the beginners, intermediate, and expert level crossbow hunters. The Mission Archery Crossbows are considerably fine functioning crossbows.

These crossbows feature high-velocity shooting, along with immense stability and fine performance. Although the Mission Archery crossbows feature the Composite, and carbon build material.

Whereas the Mission Archery crossbows have high-performance cams installed in it, which are lightweight but hard  due aluminum crafting. This crossbow features accessories made of carbon along with the external cocking device with rope.

Whereas we wrote this Best Mission Archery Crossbow review with authentic information regarding its make and performance. Although we have tested this crossbow thoroughly with rough and tough phases to feature in this review .

Mission Archery crossbow review

Whereas we have kept our legacy to put forward true and unbiased opinions out of the whole proportion. The Mission Archery crossbows feature immaculate precision and accuracy due to their expert frame crafting facility.

This review of Mission Archery Crossbows features with the following crossbows that are just phenomenal:

1- No#1 Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbow
2- Choice 2- Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow
3- Runner Up- Mission Archery MXB Sniper Crossbow
4- Likable- Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow

1: Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbows

Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbows review


The Mission Archery crossbow review features a Sub-1 XR crossbow in the first place. This Sub-1 XR crossbow has premium-grade building material composition featuring immense precision through CNC machines.

Although the frame and exclusive rails has crafting of the CNC machine that makes its operations quite efficient and smooth. As its limbs and cams incorporate immense convenience for handling it.

Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbows review

Whereas the limbs and cams are compatible with string and cabling alteration easily even though it won’t need a dedicated bow press for doing so. Therefore, it becomes an inevitable crossbow option for beginners and intermediate-level crossbow hunters.

This crossbow features pistol-like grip  for ergonomic handling along with its 6-spot length adjustability with an increment margin of 1-¼”. Moreover, as a whole, the cams and other mechanisms function combinedly through wholesome synching.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The Mission Archery Sub-1 XR comes along with the highly synced cams mechanism and frisky limbs and cabling system that makes it hold a draw weight of 150-250 LBS. Although the high draw weight in this Sub-1 XR enables a shooting velocity of 410 FPS.

Whereas many beginner or intermediate level crossbow hunters may find its draw weight quite excessive. But nothing to worry about it because the crossbow package has a dedicated rope cocking device in its package.

Sizing & Weight

Mission Archery Sub-1 XR Crossbows

Although the dimensions of Mission Archery Sub-1 XR features a wholesome length of 30-½” and an axle-to-axle width uncocked/cocked of 12-½”/9-½”. Whereas it has a power stroke holding a length of 14-¼” along with a wholesome weightage of 7-⅙ LBS.

Safety & Sighting

The Sub-1 XR crossbow has dedicated match-quality trigger in it that won’t release fire before putting a pull of 3-LBS. Although it features ADF mechanism that works along with the latest futuristic fire control technology that engages safety lock automatically.

The sighting feature of this crossbow is extended with the etching reticle scope
match-grade trigger with a trigger pull of 3 lbs.

Whereas the crossbow comes along with the premium grade scope that features a 5×32 MM SR vision scope. Although the crossbow comes along with the dual-illumination factor that is of red/green.


The Mission Archery Sub-1 XR crossbow features the following accessories:

  • 1- SR scope
  • 1- Pair of match-quality rings
  • 1- Rope cocker
  • 3- 19” Arrows
  • 1- 3 arrow quiver
  • 1- Railing lubricant
  • 1- Carrying case


  • Featured sighting scope
  • High-tech features
  • Deadly shooting velocity
  • Precise and accurate formation
  • Immaculate shooting


  • Expensive
Final Verdict
Mission Archery Sub-1 XR is probably the best mission archery crossbow that is featured with the latest performing features and an efficient cam mechanism that makes it shoot with deadly high velocity. It has no setback except for its unaffordability.

2: Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow


Here comes the Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow that has composition of premium building material that enhances its strength and durability enormously. Although the crossbow features highly valued features.

The MXB 320 comes along with the X-cams mechanism that improves its shooting capability. The cam’s mechanism functionality makes its drawing immensely convenient. Whereas X-cams are purposefully built for high-end energy with shorter drawings.

Moreover, this crossbow featured the rails having configured BIAS technology that is renowned for enhancing its mount capacity. Although the limbs are configured with the ALRS technology that gives draw weight adaptability.

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow

Collectively speaking this crossbow has crafting with high precision and accuracy. Although the frame and limbs in it have sturdy and durable building material that extends its usage capacity phenomenally.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The high-synced cams mechanism along with efficient cabling mechanism featured in Mission Archery MXB 320 functions along with other high-end features that make it a viable option for beginner crossbow hunters as it comes along with a shooting velocity of 320”.

Moreover, the combined functioning of this crossbow enables it to acquire a phenomenal draw weight of 180 LBS that is convenient to draw with external drawing accessories & its a bit affordable crossbow as compared to prior one.

Sizing & Weight

Mission Archery MXB 320 Crossbow

Whereas the MXB 320 crossbow comes along with an end-to-end length of 32-¾” along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) 14-½”/19-½”. Although the wholesome length and width of this crossbow make it a considerable option for hunting among narrow alleys.

Therefore, this crossbow features a Powerstroke of 12” and the whole crossbow along with necessary accessories it weighs almost 6-½ LBS.

Safety & Sighting

The Mission Archery MXB 320 crossbow comes along with a modernized safety mechanism that is quite good. This crossbow features an advanced auto safety feature that keeps your crossbow locked whenever you cock, it engages automatically.

Although the sighting facility of this crossbow comes along with a non-lighted scope that has a dimension of 4x32mm.


The Mission Archery MXB 320 crossbow is packed with the following accessories:

  • 1-Non lighted Scope
  • 1-Rail Lube
  • 3- 22” arrows
  • 1-3 arrow quiver


  • Dead silent operations
  • Immaculate draw weight adaptation
  • Easy to handle
  • Latest cam mechanism
  • Sleek and slim formation


  • Compromised safety mechanism
Final Verdict: The Mission Archery MXB 320 crossbow is the most highly valued crossbow that comes along with the latest X-cam formation and ALRS technology that makes it draw weight efficiently less. Although this crossbow has a bit compromised safety mechanism.

3: Mission Archery MXB Sniper Crossbow

Mission Archery MXB Sniper Crossbow


The Mission Archery MXB Sniper Crossbow is the best simple hunting crossbow that features  compact dimensions, and durable and sturdy building. This crossbow comes along with the exclusive patented design that has a smart formation.

The MXB Sniper crossbow comes along with the easy to handle pistol grip that makes its handling quite frisky and efficient while moving through narrow alleys. Although the hard-built cams mechanism features of this crossbow are immensely synchronized.

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Whereas the drawing system of this crossbow won’t need any sort of excessive strength that might make you feel exhausted. Although the crossbow features a dynamic form that has its center of mass tilted a bit more towards the hunter.

The tilted center of mass of this crossbow will aid the hunter a lot while lifting and handling. Although the operations premium-grade string and cable silencers dampens the operations. So the machine-crafted railing extends its precision and accuracy immensely. Its a good choice among crossbows under 600$ at the moment.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The Mission Archery MXB crossbow is installed with high performing cams mechanism and efficient limbs and railing that functions altogether and enables it to have a shooting velocity of 310 FPS.

Whereas this beginner-friendly crossbow has an extended rope cocking device for easy drawing of its 150 LBS draw weight.

Sizing & Weight

Mission Archery MXB Sniper Crossbow

As for the dimensions of this crossbow, it comes along with the most compact and narrow dimensions that are quite proficient for rapid maneuvering.

The Mission Archery MXB weighs 6 LBS along with an axle-to-axle width (uncocked/cocked) of 16-⅓”/22” along with a power stroke of 14”. Although this crossbow has an end-to-end length of 32-⅛”.

Safety & Sighting

The Mission Archery MXB features a premier-grade safety feature that works with dual functionality. This crossbow features an automatic safety mechanism. Also, the automatic safety mechanism works as an indigenous trigger safety button and an actively performing ADF feature.


The Mission Archery MXB crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-Scope 4x32mm
  • 3-20” arrows
  • 1-3 arrow quiver
  • 1-Hanging sling
  • 1-Rail lubricant
  • 1- Rope Cocker


  • Best for veteran crossbow hunters
  • Convenient cocking
  • Immensely smooth operations
  • Highly adaptable
  • Weightless


  • Stiff decocking
  • Performs efficiently with the stock arrows
Final Verdict: The Mission Archery MXB Sniper crossbow is the best veteran-level crossbow that is crafted with high-efficiency old-school features that are just perfect. It won’t suit beginners as it lacks auto safety features along with a stiff decocking feature and underpowered performance.

4: Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow

Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow


The Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow is an immensely admirable crossbow by both the beginner and intermediate level crossbow hunter. Although this crossbow comes along with the premium-grade building and efficient dynamics.

This crossbow by Mission Archery features with a high-end railing that is of weaver formation. The weaver formation of this crossbow allows extended mounting. Along with the weaver railing, the WX-cam formation enhances its performance amazingly.

Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow

The WX-cams have immaculately precise crafting through the hard build material that won’t add to its weight excessively. These cams are quite efficient for dampened and minute recoiling functionality.

Although this crossbow lacks stirrup besides this, the MXB Dagger features the exclusive RS Tread that is crafted from hard but weightless aluminum metal. Afterward, it is utilized for cocking with high convenience.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Mission Archery MXB Dagger crossbow is featured with high-end shooting mechanisms along with efficient cabling mechanisms that result in an efficient shooting velocity of 340 FPS.

Moreover, this crossbow features the WX-cams mechanism that makes its draw weight quite adaptable. Although the crossbow features a draw weight ranging from 125/150/200/220 LBS.

Sizing & Weight

Mission Archery MXB Dagger Crossbow

The Mission Archery MXB Dagger has used a highly dependable building material for crafting that is quite sturdy and makes it weigh almost 6-⅓ LBS. although this crossbow comes along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 14”/19-½”.

Moreover, this crossbow featuresan actual end-to-end length of 30” with a power stroke of 10”.

Safety & Sighting

The Mission Archery MXB Dagger comes along with a high-performing safety feature that is amazingly efficient. The Auto Safety Mechanism of this crossbow makes its trigger weigh a bit more so you won’t face any unintentional firing.

Although its Auto Safety Mechanism also works as anti-dry firing functionality for keeping your hunting session safe from dry or miss firing. Although it has a Hawke sighting scope without illumination and a lens of 4x32mm.


The Mission Archery MXB Dagger crossbow is packed with accessories that are as follows:

  • 1- Hawke 4×32 non-lighted Scope
  • 3- Carbon arrows
  • 1- Rope cocker
  • 1- 3 arrow Quiver
  • 1- Neoprene Sling


  • Exclusive draw weight adjustment
  • Super easy cocking
  • Dampened operations
  • The stirrup is not featured
  • Carrying bag included


  • Substandard safety feature
  • Lengthy trigger pull
Final Verdict: The Mission Archery MXB Dagger crossbow is features with exquisite draw weight adaptability features and immensely powerful shooting velocity. Although both the features make it good grab stuff. But it is featured with a substandard safety mechanism.


1-Which Cams mechanisms are featured in Mission Archery crossbows?

The Mission Archery crossbows are immensely famous for their highly efficient shooting mechanism & their patented cams mechanism backs it . Although the crossbow by Mission Archery as with the phenomenally performing X-variant crossbow with immaculate precision.

2-What is the shooting velocity of Mission Archery Sub-1 XR crossbows?

The Mission Archery Sub-1 XR is a flagship crossbow that may cause you a few extra bucks but it would be worth spending. As the crossbow comes along with the high-performing cams immensely, synchronized with the cabling mechanism. Although this highly synced functionality results in a wholesome shooting velocity of 410 FPS.

3-Why is Mission Archery soo admired by all-level crossbow hunters?

The Mission Archery crossbow features X- variant cams. The X-variant cams make one draw weight adaptable. Although the draw weight adaptability along with its respective adjustable features enables the Mission Archery crossbows for frisky and rapid movement. Although the latter point is the reason to make Mission Archery crossbow the most admired one.

4-What are the dimensions of Mission Archery MXB Sniper crossbows?

The Mission Archery MXB features durable building material. Although the construction constitutes immensely precise formation. Although this crossbow results in a wholesome length of 32.8” and width (cocked and uncocked) of 16.3” and 22” along with a power stroke of 14” and a weightage of 6 LBS.

5-For what XR variant crossbows by Mission Archery are renowned?

The Mission Archery XR variant crossbow is the most deadly veteran-level crossbow that features high-performing cams and cabling mechanisms. Although the key feature that makes it highly renowned among every other crossbow is its deadly shooting velocity with immense kinetic energy.

Final Conclusion

There you are, you must have completed reading this Mission Archery Crossbow review. We hope this review is helpful. Although you must have got your queries and concerns properly addressed. But if there is any sort of ambiguity feel free to let us know.

Moreover, here is our call, because we know that you must be looking for some expert suggestions therefore here it is. If you’re a pro crossbow hunter and you have a good purchasing budget, then grab the Mission Archery Sub-1 XR crossbow without any delay coz this crossbow will delight you with its extensively high-velocity shooting and purposeful building.

Moreover, if you’re a bit short on budget and wanted an efficiently working crossbow that is built with hard material along with optimal shooting velocity and premium draw weight features under a budgeted price then Mission Archery MXB 320 can be your cup of tea.

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