Can Felons Own Crossbows – obtain crossbows legally for hunting

Are you living the life of felon conviction and want to go back to your positive life? Besides that, do you want to get the license for obtaining a crossbow because you are interested in it, but many questions arise in your mind can felons own crossbows? Whether you are allowed to obtain a license?

And, when it comes to a hunting season, your interest is piqued and you are wondering if I can own a crossbow? If you are looking for the answers to these questions, then you are in the right place.

Here, I am going to tell you can you buy crossbows legally? Along with this, you have to go through which stages. 

Likewise, many people are fond of hunting which is why they keep weapons. Also, many felons are also fond of hunting.

           Felon Owner of Crossbows

But here our topic is can felons own crossbows? As we know owning firearms is banned on felons according to federal law. So, are crossbows also a part of firearms? A firearm is a gun that is known for its out-of-the-barrel, projectile propel, and typically a bullet. It also includes handguns and other types like long guns as follows:

Pistols (handgun)

Revolvers (handgun)

Rifles (long gun)

Shotguns (long guns)

They are designed for major purpose. The purposes can be:


Sport shooting


Law of Enforcement

Military applications

In foreign countries, many people take out licenses for weapons at their own risk and responsibility. The federal law, (1968 Gun Control Act) on October 22, 1968, approved that the people are mental patients, minors, and convicted felons are not allowed to be licensed for weapons. This law gives the answer of can felons own crossbows. Is it legal?

The answer is, yes. You can own them legally.

Legally owning crossbows involves steps

As we know, the crossbow legally for hunting is still loved by many people of every age. Also, if someone wants a firearms license including crossbows, they have to go through a series of steps that include their backgrounds, and their general reason for taking the weapon. Apart from this, if there are any doubts about that person, they are also cleared first. after that, they are provided with a license.

Just like, if a felon is interested in weapons and wants a hunting license for crossbows, they are allowed to get it. But, after complete clarifications regarding acquiring weapons, do not use them for criminal activities because it is against federal law. If the criminal’s behavior shows that he could use them for illegal purposes, giving them a license after investigation because a lawful and safe society is our priority.

           Rules in Other Countries

In some states, such as in New York felons are not allowed to take hunting licenses for crossbows. Because in some states, there a strict rules about weapons. They are not allowed to permit weapons as the society’s safety is their main purpose.

Comparatively, in Oregan, there is no strictness in this matter. If someone wants the weapon’s license, they are issued licenses without having their background checked or any felon information checked.

Once, Washington said that;

Lotteries” for hunting privileges for felons.

This state law matches this situation. If you are going crossbow shopping, you should do an inquiry through local police departments.

In the United States, if you are a felon in the past, and you are allowed to buy a weapon then it is your duty to respect the rules of law. You will surely obtain a crossbow but don’t use it illegally.  Obeying your state’s law should be your first priority.

                Crossbow Hunting

In this era, most people buy crossbows legally for hunting to go out with friends. You should also know the rules for owning a crossbow whether it is for a hobby or everything else. You should know how to operate it and keep such tools away.

Many people buy crossbows for hunting. They use crossbows specifically for deer or lion hunting as they capture their prey more quickly.

If your state doesn’t allow you to carry a weapon without a license, you must obtain a license first. As a felon (in the past), if you want to buy crossbows, no matter whether it’s more or less, and whether for hunting. It is your duty to obtain them legally.

Can we consider a crossbow as a firearm?

As I mentioned above, handguns and long guns are the types of firearms. Can crossbows and arrows also considered as firearm? No, we can’t consider crossbows and arrows a firearm. The reason is both are deadly weapons, they are not explosive weapons that’s why, you can buy them. No doubt, it is the alternative to riffle. But, in riffle bullets are used, and in crossbow, bolts (arrows) are used.

Crossbow as a profession

In hilly areas, many people use crossbows as a profession. It means, they run their house with the same skills and earn from it. People who have this profession can buy crossbows, but they should display their skills in places where no one will be harmed.

Age Restrictions

Obviously, people of 18 and under age are not allowed to obtain a license in any way rather it is for hunting. However, if someone after the age of 16 wants to use a crossbow as a hobby, they only have allowed if they are accompanied by an adult.

Plus, if someone goes hunting with family and carries weapons, it is their duty to take care of it. In any


To summarize, you must have found the answer to Can felons own crossbow?  Crossbows are used for many purposes like hunting or hobby, etc. so, make sure you obtain them legally. Because, during the reign of the emperors, they used them in wars. Also, keep information not only of the crossbows but also of the sellers.

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