Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review – 2024

The Excalibur hunting crossbows are the most admired one among every other high-performing crossbow. These crossbows are featured with premium-grade building material.

Whereas these crossbows are featured with exquisite components and functionalities that are just perfect for all-level crossbow hunters. The Excalibur crossbows are immensely dependable. 

These crossbows are purposefully crafted to put forward maximum functionalities at a low cost. So the crossbow is facilitated with a highly attractive appearance that is backed with a premium-grade camouflage finish.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Review- 2024

Excalibur-Matrix-380-Crossbow review

Today Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow review is brought to you as we have received enormous requests from you people. The Matrix 380 crossbow is the most phenomenal crossbow Excalibur had ever made.

The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is crafted with highly precise and accurate crafting through the CNC machines. This crossbow has an amazing building formation that assists you immensely while hunting.

Although the crossbow has made us fall in love with it because of its high efficiency and immense shooting impact. Whereas the crossbow is packed with exquisite accessories that are just phenomenally built.

Moreover, this Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow review will unleash in-depth facts and figures about its make, functioning, and shooting. Although this review is featured with in-depth analysis of its extended assembling, accuracy, and designing.


The Matrix 380 crossbow is formed with a premium formation that is just amazing for performance, and handling. Although the formation of this crossbow is recurved. The recurved formation of this crossbow makes its shooting frisky, and convenient quite easy.

The Matrix 380 crossbow is facilitated with an amazing weightless formation that is incorporated in it through exquisite building material. Whereas the composite, and carbon building materials are fused with aluminum metal.

Although the building material of this crossbow has made it primarily sturdy and dependable that has enhanced its durability through the recurved formation and hard-built cams. Whereas this building and formation syncing make its handling quite convenient.

The Matrix 380 crossbow is featured with the easiest handling feature. This handling convenience makes it a viable option for beginner, intermediate, and expert-level crossbow hunters.

Excalibur-Matrix-380-Crossbow review

Talking about its functioning, it is detailed with immense efficiency due to the components installed with exquisite grade. This crossbow has hard-built limbs that are crafted from premium Gordon-glass.

Although the risers featured in this crossbow are another addition to its efficiency. Whereas the risers are crafted from hard and sturdy carbon build material. The risers featured in this crossbow are efficiently synced with the cabling mechanism for high-velocity shooting.

So the stocks featured in it are featured with efficient formation and installation with co-ordination with the adaptable functionality. As the construction of this crossbow is designated with optimal maneuvering and hanging.

Collectively speaking, the Matrix 380 crossbow is featured with easy and frisky maneuvering adaptability. Although this crossbow is conformed with the efficient dimensions that make it a viable option for hunting among narrow alleys.


The Matrix 380 by Excalibur is consolidated with efficient design. The featured design of this crossbow is layered with the real tree appearance. Its a recurved formation crossbow that makes its functioning and shooting efficient and frisky.

Although the shooting functionality of this crossbow is designated with premium silencers that make its cocking and shooting highly dampened. These featured silencers extend its functionality for keeping the bow functioning efficiently. 

Whereas the design, appearance, and functionality of this crossbow combine and makes its functioning premier with dampened shooting, and convenient sizing for improved and frisky maneuvering and shooting.



Moreover, the assembling feature of the Matrix 380 crossbow is the thing that has drawn immense attention of beginners, intermediate, and veteran crossbow hunters. As the assembling of Matrix 380 is featured with prod feature.

The prod feature of this assembling comes with readily strung. Although this crossbow can be assembled conveniently through Allen cap screws and Allen wrench along with extended washers.

Whereas the featured stirrup is mounted in this crossbow through the ¼” circular head bolts. Therefore the frontal and backward visions included hardware.


The Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow comes along with the following accessories that are crafted with high-quality build material and immense precision.

  • 1-4x32mm TactZone scope
  • 1-Rope cocking device
  • 1-Removable Quiver
  • 4-Arrows with field points by Diablo
  • 1-Pack of Allen screws and Washers
  • 1-Allen Key Wrench


This Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is instated with the premium grade and efficient accuracy that makes its shooting and maneuvering phenomenally accurate. Although the accuracy factor of this crossbow is just impeccable that lasts longer than you cant imagine.

Whereas the Matrix 380 crossbow is empowered with optimal shooting velocity and extreme shooting impact. So the accuracy factor of the crossbow lasts from 30-70 yards to enhance its shooting precision.

A Deer Hunting Test By Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow


The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is featured with the aluminum cams mechanism that is highly sturdy and durable that keeps its shooting and cocking functionality too exquisite. Although the cams mechanisms are highly synced with the risers and cabling mechanism.

Whereas the shooting velocity of this crossbow is packed with phenomenal shooting impact through immense kinetic energy charged in it. Although the shooting velocity is featured with 380 FPS.

Draw Weight 

The draw weight of Matrix 380 is the second feature that makes it an amazing option for every crossbow hunter. Although this crossbow is packed with a draw weight of 260 LBS. The draw weight of this crossbow is due to the exquisite cabling mechanisms and strings.

The featured cabling mechanism and strings are crafted with exquisite building material along with synthetic formation that extends its durability and usage. Whereas some hunters might find its draw weight a bit much.

But nothing to worry about because this crossbow is detailed with a premium mounting feature that is compatible with rope cocking devices and crank cocking devices. Although the crossbow package comes along with a premium rope cocking device for easy cocking.

Although the stock rope cocking device included in this crossbow makes your cocking quite convenient along with premium smoothness although the cocking device lowers the actual draw weight by less than 50%.



As you have acclimatized enough with the building, functioning, and shooting capability of the Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow, you must be entailing for knowing the usage of this crossbow so you can engage yourself for the suitable game.

As the crossbow is featured with premium build material and exquisite formation along with high-performance components that result in an optimal shooting velocity along with premier grade shooting impact.

The Matrix 380 crossbow is purposefully built for taking down any sort of game you wish. Although you can take down small games like deer and elk, and big games like moose and bear. Whereas it performs amazingly if you’re using it for target practicing.

Sizing & Weight

As the Excalibur Matrix, 380 crossbow review has acknowledged you with the fact that this crossbow is crafted with narrow and compact dimensions. Although this crossbow has recurved formation.

But you might be interested to know its actual dimensions. Therefore the dimensions of Matrix 380 are empowered with an actual end-to-end length of 35-¼” along with a power stroke of 13”.

Although this crossbow accumulates a wholesome weight of 5-⅕ LBS along with an actual axle-to-axle width(cocked/uncocked) 25-¼”/30-¼”.


  • Smart and narrow dimensions
  • Premier recurved formation
  • Value for money
  • Fully-fledged accessories package
  • Premium sighting


  • Dark lighted scope
  • No hanging sling
  • No carrying case

Safety & Sighting

This Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow is immensely powered with premium-grade safety functionalities that are probably the best you could ever find in such an affordable crossbow that is extensively powerful and efficient.

Whereas the safety functionality installed in this crossbow is featured with an automatic safety engagement mechanism that engages autonomously whenever you cock it while putting an arrow in its carbon polymer barrel.

Moreover, the standard ADF functionality is also featured in this crossbow that keeps your hunting or target practicing session away from any sort of misfiring or dry firing. Although the trigger functionality is treated with exquisite polishing for minimum creep but better crisp.

As long as the sighting feature of this crossbow is concerned then you would be astonished to know that we are immensely impressed by its stock-grade scope that has delivered premium-grade sighting results along with the poly magnifying features.

Although the scope is featured with premium dual exposure illumination of red, green color for fine tracing. This scope is consolidated with premium rheostat functioning. Although the poly zooming feature is adaptable for the shooting velocity of your crossbow.

Final Verdict:

The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is the best all-level crossbow that is crafted with high-quality building material along with precise and accurate crafting through CNC machines. Although the crossbow is packed with optimal shooting velocity.

Whereas the shooting velocity of this crossbow is packed with an effective kinetic energy charge. So the components and featured functionalities are finely working for extended efficiency. As the assembling of this crossbow is quite easy along with premium accuracy.

But the crossbow has a minor setback that is because of its stock scope that is featured with dark and substandard illumination. Although the crossbow package doesn’t include and carrying case and hanging sling.

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