Best SCORPYD Crossbows of 2024 (Fastest Crossbow)

The SCORPYD crossbow review is right here with exclusive crossbows that are truly high performing with efficient make and handy operations. SCORPYD is one of the best flagship crossbow manufacturers.

Although talking about its building material, then you won’t believe these SCORPYD crossbows are the most amazing and sturdy among every other crossbow as it features a mono-piece building that is just amazing for high durability.

The SCORPYD crossbow incorporates trigger mechanism and safety mechanism that just stands out from their renowned competitors such as Ravin, TenPoint, Carbon, and NXT crossbows.

Best Hunting Crossbow By SCORPYD-Top Picks 2024

The wait is over because today we will uncover the best-built crossbow that has immensely high performing functionality along with highly dependable limbs formation. Although the cabling and strings incorporated in those crossbows are synthetic, that is the best.

We will unleash all this  in this Best SCORPYD Crossbows Reviews. This crossbow will acknowledge about the handpicked SCORPYD crossbows, its building, performance, sizing, and the external accessories included in its package.

Moreover, the SCORPYD crossbows has the most advanced cams mechanism installed and the cams featured in these crossbow functions along with the bowstring and the cabling mechanism through extreme synchronization.

Without any further delay let us just get straight to the main focus of today’s review. SCORPYD crossbows reviews facilitates the following crossbows that are handpicked due to their dependable build and functionality.

2- Runner Up – SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow
3- 2nd Runner Up – SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 Crossbow
4-SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 Crossbow




The SCORPYD NEMESIS is the best flagship crossbow for hunting you would ever have with so many amazingly functional features. These crossbows features the upper-grade building material through the immensely dynamic formation and design.

The SCORPYD NEMESIS facilitates the extreme shooting velocity due to the reverse-draw technology in it. Although the cam system in it has a reverse-formation along with its aluminum make.

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This SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow comes along with the high adaptable features along with the premium grade titanium make fasteners that adds more to its stability. Although the cabling mechanism anchors the pivotal mechanism.


As for the handling and usage comfort of this crossbow, this crossbow is featured with the whole new 1911-graded Hogue grips that along with durable laminated limbs that make its handling and maneuvering quite efficient.

Moreover, this crossbow is highly admirable due to its dead-silent operations that’s just immaculate. The trigger incorporates has a featured box that configures he railing mechanism for lowering the vibrations and limb’s stretching sound.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow package comes along with the premium-grade ACUdraw Pro cocking kit that makes its cocking easy by lowering the actual 180 LBS draw weight to 5-8 LBS only.

Whereas shooting velocity of this crossbow is just amazing although it varies due to the variable arrow weightage that is a hunter’s preference. The shooting velocity of this crossbow is 480 with the 370-grain arrow although it can be 420 FPS with heavy arrows.

Sizing & Weight


The SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow features the most phenomenal dimensions that are empowered with an actual end-to-end length of 34-½” along with a power stroke of 18-½”.

This crossbow has highly sturdy build material that makes it weigh almost 7.0 LBS along with axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 8.9” and 15.9”.

Safety & Sighting

This SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow features phenomenal safety options that are just phenomenal in terms of performance and engagement. Although the safety options in it are the injection-molded metal trigger that is the precise shooting component.

The safety engagement functionality of this crossbow engages autonomously along with the trigger weighing a pull effortless than 2-LBS. Although the whole safety feature is not automated for engaging or disengaging.

Although its sighting has the exclusive XB30 scope that has dimensionally propagation of 1.5-6x36mm.


The SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow has the following accessories:

  • 1-1.5-5x36mm scope
  • 1-4 arrow quiver
  • 3-packs of broadheads
  • 12-0.01 SPECS arrows
  • 1-SCORPION lubrication kit
  • The HME Extra Long Accessory Coated Hunting Hook Convenient Way to Hold Multiple camps


  • Deadly shooting velocity
  • Hard built
  • Fully-fledged accessories
  • Compact formation
  • Extremely convenient draw weight


  • The safety mechanism is manual
Final Verdict The SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow is the best flagship crossbow that is featured with top-notch build material along with a high-performing shooting and cabling mechanism. Although the crossbow lacks shooting mechanism efficiency as it results in only 460 FPS.

2: SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow

Scorpyd Aculeus ACUdraw Crossbow


This SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow ranks number 2 in this best SCORPYD crossbow review. Although this crossbow has best safety equippment you would ever see under such an affordable range.

This crossbow incorporates the latest configured trigger housing that functions with modern Kemph technology. As the Kempf technology functions along with an impeccable railing system for scope mounting and other additional equipment mountings.

Whereas the risers and limbs has high-precision crafting while the risers are crafted with T6-6061 aluminum that is the most sturdy metal among all. Moreover, limbs and cams both has  the reverse formation.

SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow

Therefore, the limbs and featured fasteners has sturdy and phenomenal long-lasting titanium metal crafting. Although the titanium metal has anodized building, for immense strength.

Its preassembled delivery would give you an enlarged stirrup that cannot be folded, whereas the it has arrow quiver configured in it along with string stoppers , so you can just take the bow and go for hunting without assembling.

Velocity & Draw Weight

This SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow has a phenomenally performing shooting mechanism along with an efficient cams mechanism. Although this crossbow has an impeccable cabling mechanism that makes its draw weight weigh almost 180 LBS.

Although there is an ACU-draw cocking device in the package that reduces its draw weight 1/4th of its actual draw weight while maintaining a shooting velocity of 480 FPS.

Sizing & Weight

SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow

As the SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow is a renowned brand for its efficient dimensions that are featured with an actual weightage of 7-½ LBS, and an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 12-⅛”/24-½”.

This crossbow has an efficient power stroke of 18-½” and an end-to-end length of 34-½”.

Safety & Sighting

This SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow is the most dependable crossbow for its high-end safety features. It is just phenomenal because of its high-rated rapid response. As it features an exclusive Kempf SEER-LOC formated trigger that is incorporated with dual positions.

Whereas the safety engagement of this crossbow is automated along with rapid responding Kempf technology that features anti-dry fire functionality for preventing any sort of dry or miss firing.

As the sighting feature of this crossbow has HD Hawke vision scope that is 1.5-5×32 mm along with an actual length of 8-⅓” installed.


This SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow has the following additional accessories in its package:

  • 1- Hawke Scope
  • 1- Rope cocker
  • 1- Configured Quiver
  • 12-22” arrows
  • 1- SCORPYD Hangin sling
  • 1- SCORPION Lubrication tube


  • All games-friendly velocity
  • Impeccable stability
  • Value for money
  • Easy to handle
  • Extended mounting


  • The scope is not lighted
Final Verdict: The SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow is the best all-level crossbow featured at 2nd place in this review. Although this crossbow has high-performing features. Whereas it has optimal shooting velocity but the package lacks a carrying case.

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3: SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 Crossbow

SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 Crossbow


The SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 is the best high-velocity hunting crossbow that incorporates the sturdiest building material along with premium grade formation and design. It holds high building durability, because of its single-piece formation which makes it quite sturdy.

SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 Crossbow review

Although this crossbow by SCORPYD features the most compact dimensions that are amazingly high performing especially for handling. Although it has the efficient and modern rever-draw technology installed in it that adds to its shooting velocity with minimal effort.

This SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 crossbow has facility of with an extra-sized deck that makes its flight extra stable and keeps your arrows steady at the point target. Although SCORPYD’s this crossbow features exclusively made in USA patent.

Whereas it comes along with highly ergonomic handling that is facilitated by a pistol-like grip along with a highly dynamic foregrip for extended stability and easy maneuvering.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 crossbow has an aluminum metal-crafted cams mechanism with an efficient cabling mechanism that makes it hold a draw weight of 130 LBS. This excessive draw weight is easy to draw with a rope cocker device included in the package.

Although the draw weight of 180 LBS enables the SCORPYD Deathstalker to shoot with an outrageous velocity of 430 FPS.

Sizing & Weight

SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 Crossbow

Talking about dimension of SCORPYD 420 Deathstalker crossbow, it features an actual end-to-end length of 32-½” and an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 9-½”/16-½”. Although this crossbow has a power stroke of 17-¼”, it weighs almost 6.2 LBS.

Safety & Sighting

The safety mechanism of the SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 crossbow has an advanced Kempf-technology trigger that makes its trigger optimally stiff for avoiding accidental pulling and it also works as ADF-functioning for avoiding dry-firing.

Moreover, its sighting feature has the non-lighted exclusive XB1 grade scope that provides immaculate vision and magnifying capability.


The SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1- Rope Cocking Device
  • 1- Non-light scope
  • 1- 3 arrow quiver
  • 6- Deathstalker exclusive arrows
  • 1- Armguard
  • 1- Hanging sling
  • 1- SCORPION Venom Lubricant


  • Premium trigger safety feature
  • Highly dependable
  • Moderate weightage
  • Narrow frame
  • Durable


  • Safety mechanism lacks automated engagement
  • Shooting mechanism has lacking performance with weighted arrows
Final Verdict: The SCORPYD Deathstalker 420 crossbow has a highly durable single-piece carbon frame. It has fine shooting velocity with a reasonable draw weight. It has a manual safety function and the shooting mechanism won’t mark 420 FPS with heavy arrows.

4: SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 Crossbow

SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 Crossbow review


The SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow is the best performing and best-built crossbow. This crossbow comes along with premium-grade building material and hard build components that combine and add more to your hunting convenience.

Although the crossbow has an exclusive inverted draw functionality installed in it that makes its shooting quite precise along with convenient string drawing. Plus, the frame of this crossbow has a mono-piece carbon confinement ( highly durable and long-lasting).

Whereas this crossbow consists of a long-lasting and sturdy barrel and a forearm that has vented material manufacturing. Although the fasteners in this crossbow are  hard but lightweight titanium metal that is corrosion-free.

SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 Crossbow

SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow has immaculate stability and accuracy that makes its shooting amazingly nock-free and quite stable so that the hunter would have keen focus while hunting down their target.

Velocity & Draw Weight

This SCORPYD crossbow features the BP grade limbs that inter-links with the high-performing cams for enabling it to have a shooting velocity of 380 FPS along with a draw weight of 130 LBS that can be drawn with a rope cocker.

Sizing & Weight

SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 Crossbow

Talking about dimensions, SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow comes along with featured dimensions that incorporates a wholesome weightage of 6.2 LBS along with a power stroke of 17-¼” and actual length of 32-½” and an axle-to-axle width of cocked/uncocked 10-¾”/17-½”.

Safety & Sighting

Although the safety features  SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow are just amazing. As a moderen Kempf technology trigger system functions along with the railing mechanism and results as dedicated ADF functionality for nullifying dry firing.

Whereas its sighting has added Hawke scope that is unlighted and has dimensions of 1.5-5x32mm for extended vision up to 60 to 80 yards.


The SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow package comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1- Rope Cocker
  • 1- Unlighted scope
  • 1- Quiver
  • 6- 20” arrows
  • 1- Hanging sling
  • 1- Shoulder pad
  • 11- SCORPION railing lube pack


  • Sturdy make
  • Fully packed accessories package
  • Immensely accurate
  • Optimal shooting velocity
  • Efficient safety mechanism


  • Over-priced
Final Verdict: The SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow has durable single-piece carbon crafting that makes it highly dependable. Although its premium shooting and draw weight features are just phenomenal. But this crossbow is a bit pricey as compared to installed features.


1-Why SCORPYD crossbows are soo durable?

The SCORPYD crossbows is USA-patented crossbows that have immense precision. Although the frames are made with immensely precise CNC machines that enhance their accuracy while shooting. Although the key feature behind its immense durability is the single-piece carbon frame that enhances its stability and sturdiness as well.

2-What is the shooting velocity and draw weight of the SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow?

The SCORPYD Aculeus crossbow has a draw weight of 180 LBS along with a shooting velocity of 430 FPS that is enough for any sort of game to take down.

3-Is the SCORPYD NEMESIS viable for beginner-level crossbows?

The SCORPYD NEMESIS crossbow is perfect for veteran-level crossbow hunters therefore it has lethal shooting velocity. Although the safety mechanism installed in it has manual engagement. In the content of previously described specifications, it is for sure not a good idea that any beginner’s crossbow hunter urges for SCORPYD NEMESIS as it requires expert-handling skills because of its veteran-level hunter-friendly features.

4-What are the dimensions of the DeathStalker 420 crossbow by SCORPYD?

The SCORPYD 420 Deathstalker crossbow has an actual end-to-end length of 32-½” along with a power stroke of 17-¼”. Moreover, it has an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 9-½”/16-½” with a wholesome weight of 6.2 LBS.

Final Conclusion:

The SCORPYD Crossbows Reviews must be beneficial for you people because you have just finished reading it thoroughly. Whereas we have tried to cover each n every aspect you might be curious to know about. Although there’s something left.

Then feel free to let us know we would love to address. But right now we can see that you must be looking for a bit of expert advice. Therefore here it is. Although the suggestions are formulated based upon performance and affordability.

If you’re looking for the highest performing crossbow without concern of budget then you can pick SCORPYD NEMESIS. Or if you’re an expert hunter as it offers 460 FPS velocity.  Whereas, if you’re looking for a beginner crossbow then  SCORPYD Deathstalker 380 crossbow that has 380 FPS velocity. The SCORPYD Aculeus Crossbow can be your cup of tea if you’re looking for an economical option that has premium build quality. Although this crossbow has rugged and robust make along with 480 FPS shooting velocity.

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