Best Pistol Crossbow (Latest Review)

Pistol crossbow is an amazing addition to the crossbow hunting gear. Whereas it is drawing immense reputation from the crossbow hunter due to their impeccable features and handling.

The best pistol crossbow is very convenient to maintain and keep. Although purchasing one along with its ammunition, and maintenance is not costly at all. Whereas the pistol crossbow handling is just phenomenal as you can do it single-handedly without any problem.

Whereas the numerous pistol crossbow reviews may contain any kind of biased opinion. But carrying our legacy to be unbiased, and honest we are back with the Best Pistol Crossbow Review.

Top Picks- Best Pistol Crossbows 2024

A pistol crossbow is an affordable gadget for small-range hunting games. Although they are readily available in your nearest hunter’s gadget shop. But there are high possibilities you might get conned by the owners.

You might pay a scorching high-value capital for a substandard hand crossbow. You might purchase the wrong mini crossbow in the context of the user’s age.

To avoid such fiascos, here are the best pistol crossbows hand-picked by our worthy experts. These mini crossbows are reviewed based on:

  • User age
  • Making
  • Shooting velocity
  • Draw Weight

Whereas the following are hand-picked mini crossbows:

1:PSE Viper SS Crossbow
2-:Red Back Tactical Pistol Crossbow
3:Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow
4-Snakeye Tactical Crossbow
5:Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow
6:Kings Archery 80 LBS Crossbow

1: PSE Viper SS Crossbow

PSE Viper SS Crossbow


PSE Viper SS is the best pistol crossbow among all. As it has an exceptional build grading along with a simple but highly efficient design. It’s primarily constructed especially for small games.

Although this crossbow is aligned perfectly with which you can have supreme precision and accuracy while shooting. Whereas the build material used in it is hard carbon fiber and aluminum.

The Viper SS has an impeccable grade formation along with its high-performing limbs. Although the limbs are attached with the trail-centric railings.

Velocity & Draw Weight

PSE Viper SS Crossbow

Viper SS possesses a scorching high velocity of 215 FPS because of its high-performance limbs and highly tangible cabling mechanism.

Moreover, the cabling mechanism aligned with its railing possesses an easy to draw 50 LBS draw weight.

Safety & Sighting

PSE Viper SS Crossbow

This Viper SS has an adaptable vision with its dual side tendency. With such an adaptable vision you can have prominent clarity while hunting.

So the mini crossbow possesses a readily engaging safety mechanism. Whereas the safety engagement is featured with highly efficient anti-dry firing functionality.

On contrary to highly engaging safety mechanisms, its exquisite fondle protection just adds much more value to its safe usage.


The PSE Viper SS pistol crossbow comes along with 3x-arrow only. Although you have to purchase additional accessories separately.


  • Extreme shooting velocity
  • Convertible eyepiece
  • Supreme safety mechanism
  • Convenient cocking with weightless frame
  • Minimum draw weight


  • Lacks additional accessories
  • Design and appearance is just too basic
Final Verdict
The PSE Viper SS is the best mini crossbow due to its fondle protection. Its rugged and robust construction adds more value. But the appearance of this crossbow is too basic and the package includes arrows only.

2: RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow

RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow


The RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow is featured with the highly exclusive Picatinny Rail. This railing formation adds more adaptability for extended attachment.

Although the cabling mechanism of this mini crossbow is featured with the longbow grade cabling system. With this cabling mechanism, your pistol crossbow cable can have an extended life.

Whereas the wholesome Picatinny railing system adds more value to its operation and results in amazingly smooth operations.

So the latex-covered foregrip is incorporated in this best hand crossbow with which you can have a firm holding.

Velocity & Draw Weight

The combined highly efficient functionality and operations of this crossbow results in the extremely high-velocity shooting of 235-FPS.

Apart from having phenomenal velocity, it possesses an 80-LBS of draw weight. Although the draw weight seems too high, the self-cocking functionality makes its cocking very convenient.

Safety & Sighting

sighting scope RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow

As long as the safety mechanism of this crossbow is concerned then you would know that it is featured with the most advanced dry fire inhibitor (DFI).

Moreover, the pistol crossbow is aligned with an expert safety mechanism. Although the safety mechanism is intact on the top.

The RedBack Tactical is combined with the steel-made Red-Dot sight. The sighting eyepiece comes with high adaptability. Whereas the red-dot sight is featured with enhanced convertibility.

Although the mini crossbow red-dot sight comes with dual-color variations (i.e Red, and Green). With dual color illumination, you can adapt accordingly to enhance your visual clarity.


RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow accessories

The RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow package comes along with the following:

  • 3x-Arrows
  • Railing lubrication
  • Cabling system
  • Red-dot sight


  • Easy drawing
  • Deadly high velocity
  • HD vision grade red-dot sight
  • Premier safety mechanism
  • High precision and accuracy


  • Lacks noise dampening
Final Verdict
The RedBack Tactical Pistol Crossbow has an exquisite grade built material. Although the precision and accuracy are impeccable with its Picatinny Railing and Dual variation illumination. But it lacks noise dampening.

3: Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow

Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow


The Southland supply Prophecy is the best mini crossbow as it comes along with the robust plastic and composite make. Although rugged construc5ion is featured with the premium grade Picatinny railing of ⅞”.

Although the precise and accurate Picatinny railing is combined with the premier Cobra arm mechanism. Whereas the pistol crossbow industry is revolutionized with the Cobra Arm mechanism.

Moreover, the exterior of this crossbow is aligned with the wooden crafted. Whereas the wooden layer adds more to its detailing and appearance.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow

The Southland Supply Prophecy is the best hand crossbow due to its high-efficiency performance that is powered with an 80-LBS of draw weight.

Although the draw weight seems to be quite a lot. But it can be drawn with convenience due to its easy cocking through the brake action cocking system.

Moreover, its functioning and operations have constituted an amazing high velocity of 165-FPS.

Safety & Sighting

Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow

Moving on further the safety mechanism of this mini crossbow comes with an anti-dry fire mechanism. Although it is initiated with the automated safety engagement to keep you safe from any unfortunate moment.

Whereas the sighting of this mini crossbow is featured with an exquisite red-dot sight. Although the sighting eyepiece is crafted with premium-grade clarity.


This mini crossbow package comes along with the following:

  • 3x arrows
  • 1x cable
  • 2x end coverings


  • Sturdy and durable make
  • Optimal velocity
  • Easy cocking mechanism
  • Highly adaptable with extended scope, flash, and eyepiece mounting
  • Premium finish


  • Lacks under-mount railing
Final Verdict
The Southland Supply Prophecy 80-LBS Pistol Crossbow has an optimal velocity. Although the construction is extremely robust and rugged along with its highly adaptable eyepiece. But it lacks an under-mount railing.

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4: Snakeye Tactical Crossbow

Snakeye Tactical Crossbow


Snakeye Tactical is the best pistol crossbow that comes with a primarily crafted build material. It is crafted with hard plastic along with a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame.

This is the best hand crossbow that arrives amazingly ready to assemble without any inconvenience. Talking about its design and dynamics, you might fall in love with a recurved formation.

Its recurved formation keeps your hunting exceptional. Whereas the handling is also easy due to its compact and handy design.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Snakeye Tactical Crossbow

It is the best mini crossbow that has a highly efficient railing and cabling mechanism so that you can shoot with prime accuracy. So the velocity of this best small crossbow is 165 FPS approximately.

Behind its premier shooting velocity, there is an exquisite draw weight of 80 LBS. Whereas the drawing weight solely can be pulled conveniently. But the bowstring can be pulled with a lever.

This lever-compatible bow string-pulling reduces the draw weight from 80 to 50 LBS. Therefore, you can have a convenient pulling without any issue.

Safety & Sighting

Snakeye Tactical Crossbow

The Snakeye Tactical Crossbow is amazingly high performing whereas the crossbow has a strong shooting velocity to take down small games from close range.

Apart from joyful hunting sessions, the hunters must be very careful while handing it over to minors. Because according to reliable authorities this crossbow should be handled by hunters aged from 12-15 years old minimum.

Although its safety mechanism is quite good as it has an automatic safety engagement as you load an arrow and cock it. Though you can have carefree usage while aiming.

As long as the sighting is concerned then you get an adaptable pin groove eyepiece. This eyepiece has a plastic make which is backed with a wholesome 20/20 vision.


This mini crossbow comes along with the following:

  • 3x arrows
  • Plastic made vision eye-piece
  • ⅜” dovetail


  • Auto safety mechanism
  • Optimal speed
  • Light draw weight
  • Premier vision range
  • Auto cocking


  • Golden sections are not covert
  • Lacks noise dampening
Final Verdict
The Snakeye Eye Tactical is the best mini crossbow due to its optimal shooting velocity and convenient draw weight. Whereas being the best mini crossbow, it has convenient handling although it lacks sound dampening and a premier eyepiece.

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5:Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow

Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow


The Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery is the best pistol crossbow. This mini crossbow comes with a sturdy and lightweight make.

Therefore you don’t need to be curious about its handling as it is equipped with exceptional collision impenetrable formation.

This is the best small crossbow that possesses a finely done body paint job. Whereas the body, railing, and detailings all are done precisely.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow

The Tactical Crusader has an ultra-light draw weight of 50 LBS. Whereas the mini crossbow is featured with the Most amazing self-cocking feature.

Although its 50-LBS draw weight results in terms of freaking 150 FPS of shooting velocity.

Safety & Sighting

As long as its sighting is concerned then you need to know that it has no eye-piece or red-dot sight.

But its safety mechanism is incorporated with the auto safety initiation. With this feature, the hunter can let you aim and hold fire without any glitch.


This pistol crossbow package comes along with the following accessories:

  • Bowstring
  • 2-end pointer cups
  • 3x PVC arrows
  • 1x target practice sheet


  • Cheap
  • High engagement for hunting enthusiast minors
  • Fully packed
  • Sturdy make
  • Compact and weightless


  • Lacks eyepiece
  • Fabrication needed
Final Verdict
This Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow has an easy-to-use and user-friendly making. Whereas the pistol crossbow comes with non-lethal arrows. Although it needs to be convened on arrival. Moreover, the draw weight and velocity are feasible for minors.

6-Kings Archery 80 LBS Crossbow

Kings Archery 80 LBS Crossbow


King’s Archery 80 LBS is the best pistol crossbow as it comes with an amazingly sturdy and durable fiberglass make. This long-lasting make keeps you carefree.

Whereas the Kings Archery crossbow has an amazingly efficient cocking system. This cocking system won’t let you keep an external cocking device with you.

It is the best hand crossbow that has high adaptability. With this, you can have on-demand adjustments at your convenience.

Therefore this is the best mini crossbow that was primarily created with high precision and accuracy to take down small games.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Kings Archery 80 LBS Crossbow

The King’s Archery pistol crossbow has a phenomenal cabling system with which you can have an 80-LBS draw weight.

Apart from excessive draw weight, this crossbow has an optimal draw weight of 140 FPS. With such velocity, you can easily take down the small games in front of you.

Although the draw weight is quite high, this mini crossbow comes with a longbow grade string formed with highly durable material.

Safety & Sighting

Kings Archery 80 LBS Crossbow

Coming towards the sighting of this pistol crossbow that is featured with an amazingly convertible eyepiece. Although the eyepiece is featured with a supreme grade illumination. This can assist you to track down the prey easily.

Although the anti-dry firing functionality is adding more to the safety mechanism of this crossbow. Along with this, the automatic safety button keeps your hunting experience safe.


The King’s Archery 80-LBS small crossbow package comes with:

  • 15 plastic and aluminum arrows
  • Adaptable vision piece
  • Railing protectors


  • Long-lasting construction
  • Easy to cocking
  • Convertible eyepiece
  • 12 bolts package
  • Supreme velocity


  • The trigger mechanism is too flimsy
Final Verdict
The King’s Archery 80-LBS is the best hand crossbow as it has convenient cocking with optimal velocity. Although it has a flimsy trigger, overall its performance is impeccable.


1-Does the PSE Viper SS Crossbow is crafted with composite build material?

No, the PSE Viper SS is crafted with carbon and aluminum.

2-Does the Redback Tactical Pistol Crossbow have Railing cnetric formation?

The Redback Tactical Pistol Crossbow comes with dedicated Picatinny railings.

3-Does the Southland Supply Prophecy 80 LBS Crossbow is compatible with crank cocking?

The Supply Prophecy 80 has the most efficient brake through cocking mechanism.

4-Which dimension Picatinny railings are incorporated in Snakeye Tactical Crossbow?

⅜” Picatinny Railing are incorporated in this pistol crossbow.

5-Is the Tactical Crusader Hunting Archery Crossbow feasible for minors?

Yes, it has a precisely crafted body and an auto engaging safety mechanism makes it an amazing choice for minors.

6-Is the King’s Archery 80 LBS Crossbow convertible?

Yes, the King’s Archery 80 has durable carbon fiber made, with on-demand adjustment features.

Point to Ponder Before Buying Pistol Crossbow

As mentioned before, you don’t need to be that much curious about knowing the in-depth details. Although the best small crossbow is quite affordable.

Here comes the main course that you have to be aware of some points that are totally self-centric regarding the usage as per your need.

Therefore, presenting you with the following points can be helpful for you to choose the best small crossbow for yourself.



You can say that sighting and vision is the most important thing that can have an immense impact on your hunting during darkness. Though you might be well aware of the eyepiece and the scope mounted over the railing of the standard crossbow.

Well, those scopes or eyepieces cant be mounted on mini crossbows as the standard crossbows have adequate bow length that can adhere with mounting such big scopes and eyepieces.

But in the case of hand crossbows, you have a small bow length. Therefore the stock mini crossbow package includes red-dot sight only or sometimes it includes the iron made eyepiece.

Although you have to be aware while choosing the mini crossbow package. That there must be a stock red-dot sight or iron eyepiece must be included in it.

Mini Crossbow Bolts

bolt shooting

The crossbow arrows/bolts are the most fascinating element of crossbow hunting. You must have seen standard bolts of 20″. But the small crossbow bolts are not like the standard ones.

Although the make of standard crossbow bolts are usually made up of carbon fiber, aluminum, composite or other lightweight metals. But, the mini crossbow bolts are made up of hard plastic or sometimes HYPER LITE aluminum metal.

Usually the small crossbow package lacks high quality bolts of 5″, or 8″ elsewhere the package contains 5 to 10x bolts only.

But being short length these bolts are considerably less. Therefore you have to purchase exclusive small crossbow bolts separately. Though the package includes 50x bolts that will make your hunting season carefree.


Standard crossbows possess enormous draw weight due to which you can’t cock your crossbow with bare hands. But the hand crossbows are now being manufactured with a dedicated cocking mechanism.

Unlike standard crossbows, you don’t need any additional device like crank or rope to cock your crossbow.

The dedicated cockin mechanism of these hand crossbows is known as self-cocking mechanism. This self-cocking mechanism is just like the chamber cocking mechanism of pistols.

Therefore, you need to put your foot inside the stirrup and pull the buttstock. There you go, your crossbow is cocked and ready to take down your prey.

Hence, you need to be careful while choosing your pistol crossbow. Because there are few small crossbows that lack self-cocking. Though make sure to choose the self-cocking compatible mini crossbow.


Cabling network of crossbows is the most vital portion to provide premier velocity and draw weight.

Whereas the cabling of a full length crossbow needs eventual waxing to keep it going without any inconvenience.

Therefore the mini crossbow may vary cabling in terms of making. But the durability and elasticity remains exceptional.

Although waxing the cable is not prominent as it is in terms of full length crossbows. But the cable maintenance has to be done.after every 40 to 50 shots.

Maintenance and Replacement

In terms of full length bows, timely maintenance and needed replacement is the core thing to keep your crossbow properly functional.

Though the full length crossbow maintenance and replacement may cost hundred dollars. But the mini crossbow is itself an affordable thing to have.

Therefore you can keep it functional properly with timely maintenance and needed replacement with a few bucks. But you need to keep everything checked and replaced on time.

The legality of Owning A Pistol Crossbow

In developed countries there is a proper code of conduct and standards to follow if you entail crossbow hunting. Therefore, you need to know about he native rule of law for crossbow hunting.

Likewise, in the United Kingdom all kinds of crossbow hunting is prohibited for once and all. Therefore if you are living in the UK you should avoid having one because it is considered as breaching law.

Whereas in the USA, this issue is subjective to the state you’re living in. In a few states hand crossbow and full length hunting is totally legal and allowed whereas in some states it is allowed but with strict SOPs regarding bow length, draw weight, bolt size, and K.E.

So you need to be aware of the legality of mini crossbows in your country or any kind of SOPs regarding small crossbow hunting.

Final Conclusion

Here, you have completed going through the Best Mini Crossbow Reviews. Now you must be seeking some additional help in terms of expert suggestions to choose the best pistol crossbow.

Therefore, our experts have given their suggestion on the basis of performance, safety, and the hunter for whom you might purchase for.

These are as follows:

PSE Viper SS Crossbow has a highly efficient cabling mechanism along with its dynamic and adaptable design. Whereas the shooting velocity has an exceptional range. Whereas you can grab this if you’re a pro-crossbow hunter as it demands experts for handling.

Southland Supply Prophecy Crossbow can be your cup of tea if you’re entailing for an economical and easy to cock pistol crossbow. It is featured with a break through cocking mechanism along with durable make. Although its velocity and overall performance will speak for itself.

King’s Archery 80-LBS crossbow is the best mini crossbow for minors. As it comes with a highly efficient and automatic safety mechanism. Whereas its shooting velocity is optimal along with its minimal maintenance formation.

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