Latest Best Crossbow For Women ( In-Depth Review of 2024)

With the increasing exposure of crossbow shooting, there are an enormous increase in the number of female hunters that have brought storms across the crossbow shooting ranges, and crossbow selling centers. Therefore, here comes a query that is there any dedicated crossbow manufacturing for females? Or do the wonder women have to portray their highly efficient crossbow skills with the same crossbow that was crafted for men only? Well, carrying our legacy to bring you the best of all our experts have formulated this Best Crossbow For Women Review. Here you are going to see the Best female crossbows. So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

Best Crossbow For Women- Top Picks

Hey wonder woman, you might be looking for some high-performing crossbows crafted dedicatedly for females. Then one of the following crossbows can resolve all of your problems at once.

1-CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper Crossbow
2-Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow
3-Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow
4-TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow
5-Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow
6-Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow
7-Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

1: CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper Crossbow

CenterPoint AXCS185BK


The CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper is an absolute joy for female crossbow hunters. As it comes with amazingly sturdy build material. This building material is a fusion of weightless but hard aluminum metal along with the renowned composite make.

Its frame and railing are crafted with supreme precision and accuracy through the CNC machine. Although the railings and quad limbs with cams functionality just perform amazingly.

Whereas the precisely crafted railings are incorporated with the shoot-through lifter for maintaining your posture while shooting. Moreover, this crossbow has amazing convertibility that is enhanced with its adaptable stock and foregrip.

Velocity & Draw Weight

CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper 370 Crossbow

The CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper comes up with a high-velocity shooting. Whereas the Picatinny railing and smooth rollers result in a scorching velocity of 370 FPS.

Although the high velocity of this crossbow for females is backed with the premium cables that are carrying a mighty draw weight of 185-LBS. Its also included in our choice for top Barnett crossbows.

Size & Weight

Moreover, this crossbow is quite a compact-sized crossbow that has an 18” axle-to-axle width. Its end-to-end length is 33.6” along with premier grade build material which is quite durable that comprises a weight of 12-LBS.

Safety & Sighting

Centerpoint AXCS185BK Sniper

The CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper features the most amazing safety mechanism. Whereas the safety mechanism is incorporated with the premium grade safety trigger. This safety feature is enhanced with the anti-dry firing mechanism.

Although the ADF feature keeps you away from releasing without putting the arrow in the barrel. So the safety trigger mechanism keeps your trigger to hold fire before pulling the trigger with a force of 2.5 LBS.

Moreover, this female crossbow comes with a high-definition scope. This crossbow has a 4x32mm.


This CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper crossbow comes along with the following:

  • Scope
  • Straight Quiver
  • Cocking rope


  • Attractive design
  • Highly efficient
  • Highly precise and accurate
  • Premium noise dampening
  • Prime convertibility


  • Packages do not include arrows
Final Verdict
The CenterPoint AXCS185BK is the best crossbow for women because of its premier safety mechanism. It has a sturdy and durable construction and dynamic design. It can shoot with a velocity of 370-FPS although the crossbow package does not include arrows.

2: Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow

Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow


The Barnett Explorer XP has a premium formation that makes it the best women’s compound crossbow. Whereas the crossbow has a phenomenal glossy black paint finish.

This crossbow comes with amazingly sturdy and weightless aluminum and composite construction. This crossbow has premium convertibility featured that is featured with the adjustable buttstock. Although the convertibility feature gives on-demand adjustment.

So the performance of this crossbow is just impeccable that is featured with the highly featured Picatinny Railing.

Velocity & Draw Weight

BARNETT CROSSBOWS Explorer XP Crossbow Package with Carbon Arrows, Quiver, Rope Cocking Device

The Explorer XP is featured with the highest conversion features like Picatinny railings that result in an amazing velocity of 380-FPS.

On the contrary, this crossbow is composed of highly durable and sturdy components especially the cabling network. Although the cabling feature backs 185-LBS draw weight.

Size & Weight

The Barnett Explorer has a duo fusion of aluminum and composite building material. Whereas this composition results in a weightless crossbow that weighs almost 6-LBS.

As long as the dimension of this crossbow is concerned, it features an almost 16.25″ axle-to-axle width along with a finely crafted barrel that makes its end-to-end length almost

Safety & Sighting

Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow

Although the safety mechanism of this crossbow for females is facilitated with the most amazing and latest technology known as convenient stubble arrow escorting. This modern technology helps you to avoid dry firing and have an extended cabling life.

Moreover, the safety mechanism is powered by advanced TriggerTech technology to keep you safe from any unfortunate moment. Whereas the vision of this middle-budget crossbow is just impeccable with its 4x32mm premier grade scope.


This Barnett Explorer XP crossbow comes along with the following:

  • Scope
  • 20″ 2 Arrows
  • Quiver
    Railing Lubrication


  • High power
  • High adaptability
  • Efficient safety
  • Inexpensive
  • Fully packed


  • Too powerful for beginner female hunters
Final Verdict
The Barnett Explorer XP is the best female crossbow with an extreme velocity of 380 FPS. Whereas the crafting is just impeccable with extended convertibility. Although the crossbow power is too much for beginner female hunters.

3: Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

BARNETT Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow, 400 Feet Per Second


This Whitetail Pro STR has an unmatched appearance that is just made impeccable with its Tru Bark Camoflague. Whereas its usage and operation are just sleek and precise with its high-end safety integration.

Although the construction and crafting are powered by the highly efficient Picatinny railing. This railing keeps your crossbow functions highly efficient along with its highly durable premier-grade bow cabling.

It is the best crossbow for women due to its extreme convertibility. This premier convertibility is powered with the adaptable buttstock and cheek rest. This convertible buttstock allows you to have sleek on-demand adjustment. Its quite affordable crossbow for its high end features.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

So the highly tangible cabling and phenomenal frame collaboration of this female’s crossbow result in an amazingly high-velocity shooting of 400-FPS. Whereas the sturdy and durable build material and the exclusive railings give it a draw weight of 187-LBS.

Size & Weight

Overall, the crossbow comprises high-quality build material along with premium railing and dedicated buttstock that incorporates an easy-to-carry crossbow that weighs only 7 pounds.

Moreover, the dimensions of this crossbow comprise almost 36.5″ end-to-end length along with the 17.62″ axle-to-axle width.

Safety & Sighting

Being a prominent crossbow manufacturer Barnett is carrying its legacy to give the best. Therefore the Whitetail Pro STR has an impeccable safety mechanism. With the SureSafe trigger, anti-dry firing mechanism, fool-proof block, and nock sensor.

Whereas the sighting of this crossbow is taken care of through the premier grade HD scope that is 4x32mm.


The Barnett Whitetail Pro STR comes along with the following:

  • Crank cocking device
  • Scope
  • Quiver
  • 2-22″ arrows


  • Weightless frame with easy cocking
  • Exquisite safety mechanism
  • Deadly fast
  • Built to last
  • Package contains stock cocking device


  • Costly
Final Verdict
Barnett Whitetail Pro STR is a deadly fast but best crossbow for women. Although the crossbow is an expensive one but has an efficient safety mechanism. Along with high velocity, it possesses dead silent operations.

4: TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow

TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow


TenPoint Titan M1 is just amazing with its primely classy appearance along with highly improved design and dynamics. Although the crossbow has an extended bow stroke with which you have increased rotation of cable rollers

Moreover, the crossbow is crafted through high precision with its closed-back formation. This closed-back formation assists you to have phenomenal extension while maneuvering between narrow alleys.

Velocity & Draw Weight

TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package - best crossbows

Titan M1 crossbow for females is crafted with highly durable material and has a highly efficient mechanism with which you have a draw weight of 180-pounds.

But you don’t need to worry about its excessive draw weight because you’re given an additional cocking device that is stocked in this crossbow. So with the ACU-Draw cocking device your excessive draw weight is lowered to almost half.

Titan M1 is incorporated with the most efficient and tangible cabling network. This network result in an amazing velocity of 370-FPS.

Size & Weight

Talking about its dimensions, this crossbow has a 32.5″ end-to-end length along with its
14.1″ axle-to-axle width. Collectively, the dimensions of this crossbow are quite good for female crossbow hunters.

On contrary to that, this crossbow being equipped with additional cocking devices and other high-functioning features weighs only 7.1 LBS.

Safety & Sighting

TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow for women

Being an expert-grade crossbow, it is equipped with the latest and high-functioning safety mechanism that is powered by a Dry Fire Inhibitor (DFI). Moreover, it has a phenomenal auto-safety engagement functionality to keep you and your companions safe while cocking.

So the sighting of this crossbow is featured with a premier grade scope that has exceptional 3x zooming functionality.


The TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow comes along with the following:

  • 3x-expert vision scope
  • 3x-Pro Elite CarbonFiber arrows
  • Triple arrow quiver


  • Enhanced maneuvering
  • Precise and powerful shot
  • Convenient cocking
  • Revamped design
  • Fully loaded package


  • Too expensive
Final Verdict
The TenPoint Titan M1 is an extremely expensive crossbow. Although the shooting precision and velocity are just impeccable along with sleek appearance. Whereas the performance and construction make it the best female crossbow.

5: Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow

Barnett Recruit Recurve


The Barnett Recruit has an amazingly lively and trendy appearance. It is featured with a specially crafted frame for amazing female hunters. Although the formation and crafting are unique and dynamic that gives it the status of the recurved crossbow.

Contrary to that, this crossbow has a convenient size along with its composite build material. Whereas the composite build material makes it too lightweight so you can easily it. Furthermore, it has a mix-n-match fusion crafting with aluminum.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Barnett Recruit Recurve crossbow for women

This recurve crossbow has a premier grade cabling network that results in a draw weight of 130-LBS. Furthermore, this crossbow is featured with exclusive compatibility with the Barnett Crank Cocking device.

Although you need to purchase the external cocking device separately. But this draw weight results in an amazingly high ranged velocity of 330-FPS.

Size & Weight

Whereas the dimension of this crossbow is comprised of the 16.12″ axle-to-axle width
Along with the 34.25″ end-to-end length.

Though the composite and aluminum fusion combination results in a 6.5-LBS weight that is just amazing.

Safety & Sighting

Barnett Recruit Recurve

As long as the sighting and safety of this crossbow are concerned, this crossbow for women is equipped with an exquisite red-dot sight. Although the red-dot lacks illumination, it can provide premium grade vision during daylight, but you can mount an external flash or scope.

Moreover, the safety mechanism is featured with the modern TriggerTech technology, Zero creep, anti-dry firing mechanism to keep you away from accidental trigger pushing. Although this enhances your cable life immensely.


The Barnett Recruit Recurve crossbow is packed with the following:

  • Red-dot sight
  • Quiver
  • 3×20″ arrows
  • Cocking rope
  • Cable wax


  • Assembled
  • Highly balanced bow
  • Convenient cocking
  • Premium safety
  • Affordable


  • Substandard paint job
Final Verdict
The Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow may possess a poorly done paint job. But it has proved to be the best crossbow for women due to its adaptability and reliability. Whereas it comes with a Barnett cocking device and other high-end features. Overall, its an quality crossbow for its price.

6: Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow


Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger is impeccable for ladies because this crossbow is incorporates the premium design for those hunters who are facing issues regarding adjustability according to their physique.

Whereas the bow is quite convertible although it has an optimal length that assists you with convenient pulling. So the sturdy carbon fiber and aluminum construction are quite lightweight but extremely durable.

Moreover, this crossbow has a phenomenal appearance with its Girly mud camouflage.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger is incorporated with highly sturdy cabling that gives it a draw weight of 150-LBS. Moreover, the cabling mechanism gives an amazing velocity of 300-FPS.

Size & Weight

Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger

Contrary to the dimension of this crossbow for women you get a wholesome end-to-end length of 33.9″ along with its 20″ axle-to-axle width. Although this crossbow weighs 5.9-LBS due to its extremely durable but weightless build material.

Safety & Sighting

This Lady Ranger crossbow is incorporated with an amazing functional safety feature. Although the safety feature is equipped with an automatic safety button that holds the trigger unless you set the button at rest.

So the crossbow also features the Dry fire inhibitor (DFI) that keeps your crossbow safely cocked to put arrow before shooting.

Moving on further the sighting of this crossbow is just perfect with its 3x zooming feature. Moreover, the vision scope incorporates multi-dimensional vision. It is among one of the best crossbows offered by Tenpoint.


This crossbow for ladies is packed with the following:

  • Scope
  • Quiver
  • ACU-52 rapid drawing device
  • Triple-arrow quiver
  • 3 18″ carbon fiber arrows


  • Readily assembled
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Comfortable carrying
  • Efficient cooking
  • Supremely powerful shooting


  • Red-dot sight is not illuminated
Final Verdict
The Wicked Range Lady Crossbow can shoot with a scorching high velocity of 300-FPS along with a premiere beginner-friendly formation. Although it is the best female crossbow, the red-dot sight lacks illumination.

7: Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow

Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow


Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is the best you can get for your crossbow shooting enthusiast girl. As the crossbow features an impeccable appearance backed with a glossy and sporty eye-catching look.

It is indeed an exclusive crossbow with made-in-USA patent  as it features a weightless frame along with its phenomenally crafted design. Whereas the crossbow is pre-assembled making at the time of delivery.

Although this crossbow has an amazing building with the highly durable composite build material along with sturdy steel components.

Velocity & Draw Weight

Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter crossbow for women

Moving on further, this crossbow for ladies has a draw weight of 150-LBS along with its lethal kinetic energy of 103 Ft/LBS. Along with this, the crossbow is featured with a high-velocity shooting of 350-FPS.

Size & Weight

Whereas the dimension of this crossbow features a 34.25″ end-to-end length and an axle-to-axle length is 16.12″. Although the composite and aluminum make of this crossbow makes it weigh approximately 6.4-LBS.

Safety & Sighting

barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter(2)

This dedicated crossbow for women has a high-definition scope of 4x32mm. Although the safety mechanism of this crossbow has highly functional features.

It incorporates advanced TriggerTech technology along with the push-to-release functionality that requires almost 3-LBS trigger push.

Moreover, its nock Sensors along with an anti-dry firing mechanism keep your arrows stable and bow stretched before a trigger pull respectively.


The Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow package comes along with the following:

  • 4×32 UHD scope
  • Device for rope cocking
  • Quiver
  • 2-20″ arrows
  • Railing Lubricant
  • Cable wax


  • Readily assembled
  • Exquisite balancing
  • Improved design
  • Convenient cocking with external device
  • Supreme safety features


  • The paint job can be too loud for a few ladies
Final Verdict
Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter is a middle-budgeted best crossbow for ladies as it has premium balancing for a firm grip. Although it can shoot up with premier velocity. Moreover, its paint job won’t attract many of you.


1-What bolts can be used with CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper Crossbow?

The AXCS185BK crossbow is best compatible with a 20″ arrow.

2-How much does the Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow weigh?

Due to composite and aluminum material, it weighs 6-pounds only.

3-Which cocking device is compatible with Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow?

The Pro STR crossbow is compatible with the Hand Crank Cocking Device.

4-How can the TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow be assembled?

The Titan M1 needs to be attached together with an Allen Wrench.

5-What arrows does the Barnett Recruit Recurve Crossbow package include?

The Recruit Recurve Crossbow package contains standard aluminum arrows.

6-Does the Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow package include string stoppers?

No, the package does not have one but you can purchase them separately.

7-Do left-handed hunters use the Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow?

Yes, having ambidextrous formation left-handed hunters can also use it.

Final Conclusion

After flicking through the Best Crossbow For Women Review you have a hand full of highly functional crossbows for females. But you must be confused that which will be the most feasible one for you.

To counter your query our experts have given their suggestions in the context of usage, budget, and your skills to handle the crossbow.

These are as follows:

CenterPoint AXCS185BK Sniper Crossbow is the most efficient option for you. If you are looking for a highly adaptable crossbow that can withstand immense adjustability. Whereas it has a shooting velocity of 370-FPS along with a draw weight of 185-LBS.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a crossbow that can best fit within your budget. Then Barnett Explorer XP Crossbow with shooting velocity of 380-FPS and draw weight of 285-LBS.

In the last here comes the shooting beast with immense functionality. Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow with 400-FPS and draw weight of 187-LBS can be your shooting partner if you’re a pro-crossbow hunter. Although you have to be an expert crossbow hunter for this.

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