CamX Crossbow Reviews (Complete Hunt Package)

CamX crossbow is one of the most efficient and innovative crossbow ever as it features newly innovated safety features along with advanced design formation that makes it an immensely ergonomic crossbow. There was an immense demand for some innovative developments in hunting crossbows because the hunters were feeling down by using the cliche crossbows that have outdated functionality. Therefore, the OUTDOOR GROUP step-forward for nullifying the concerns and reservations of crossbow hunters with the CamX crossbows. As the crossbows highly differ from other competitors like carbon, and Excalibur. We have made best camX crossbows reviews here for our readers.

Best Hunting Crossbow By CamX Reviews – Top Picks 2024

Finally, guys, your requests for the CamX crossbows review are about to proceed. This crossbow review will uncover many interesting and truthful facts about this crossbow. It is has crafting of highly durable building material.

Whereas this crossbow has an optimal weight that makes its lifting quite convenient. Although the CamX hunting crossbow reviews will acknowledge you with the premium grade adaptability feature that makes it an inevitable option for all-level crossbow hunters.

The shooting mechanism of the best CamX crossbows empowers durable limbs that are usually crafted from fiberglass, along with carbon limbs and high stability bowstrings.

Moreover, the CamX crossbows are have hard-built and efficient accessories that are quite good for aiding you with immense convenience. Although the CamX crossbows cost a reasonable price, it is indeed worth spending for such an innovative crossbow.

So without any further delay let’s just get straight to the best crossbow featured in this CamX Crossbow Review. These are as follows:

1-CamX A4 Crossbow
2-CamX X330 Crossbow
3-CamX Chaos 325 Crossbow

1: CamX A4 Crossbow Reviews In All Aspects

CamX A4 Crossbow


The CamX A4 is the most comfortable crossbow that has acquired first place in our CamX Crossbow Review. This crossbow is purposefully designed and crafted for maximum comfort and handling convenience along with its advanced mechanism for shooting, drawing, and cabling.

The premium-grade stock by is installed in it that adds more to its adaptability. The featured frame is built with hard carbon and composite material that gives immaculate flexibility and dependability.

In contrast with that, this crossbow has an elite cam mechanism called the inboard mechanism featured with the swing limbs technology.

Moreover, the A4 crossbow by CamX is viable for those hunters who prefer adjustable draw length. The limbs in his crossbow incorporates heavy-duty Armour Tuff material crafting along with quad formations

This crossbow consists of a weightless make that has handy dimensions for frisky maneuvering. Although this crossbow features a latex coated foot stirrup.

So the distortion dampening feature of this crossbow is highly synced with its design and entire formation.

Velocity & Draw Weight

CamX A4 Crossbow

The CamX A4 crossbow depicts phenomenal performance as its high-graded limb formation and cabling mechanism enable it to hold a draw weight of 200 LBS that results in an optimal shooting velocity of 370 FPS with premier energy storage.

Sizing & Weight

As long as the handy dimensions of an actual end-to-end length of 35″ along with a wholesome weightage of 7.8 LBS empowers this crossbow .

Its axle-to-axle width for cocked and uncocked limbs is 10-½” and 16″ respectively along with a power stroke with a length of 13″.

Safety & Sighting

This CamX A4 crossbow features an innovative safety feature for taking care of your fingers and the hunting session as well. It comes along with dual premium finger safety mechanisms: the Thumbsaver and Thumbsaver II variants.

This safety feature comes along with a built-in anti-dry firing feature. Although the sighting facility of this crossbow is just the best. This crossbow comes along with an ARC 370 scope that is phenomenal.

It has dimensions of 4x32mm and the scope is features illumination for extended visual clarity. Moreover, this hard-built crossbow scope is features a 100 yards visual range that you can adjust on-demand through a knob that features an adaptability margin of 10-20 yards.

Noise Test By Forgetten Hunter


This CamX A4 crossbow package comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-non lighted scope
  • 1-pack of weaver rings
  • 1-4 arrow quiver
  • 1-CamX cocking sled
  • 4-Accuspine arrows


  • Built to last
  • Mighty shooting velocity
  • Dead silent operations
  • Frisky and easy cocking
  • The USA Patented make


  • Hanging sling is too gay
  • Stock arrows are hard to find elsewhere
Final VerdictThe CamX A4 has occupied first place in this CamX crossbow review. It is installed with high-end features along with exquisite shooting velocity. But it has a setback that the crossbow performs efficiently with Asculine arrows only and the package has no sling.

2: CamX X330 Crossbows Review

CAMX X330 Crossbow


Here comes the best-built crossbow among all the CamX crossbow reviews. It is highly admirable crossbow among every other competitor that lies within the same price range.

It has the most durable and sturdy making that lasts longer than you can ever assume. The CamX 330 crossbow has crafting of immaculate precision and accuracy.

This crossbow was dedicatedly designed and crafting to minimize the hurdles and hardships commonly faced by crossbow hunters.

This crossbow features a blended building material that has a triple variant building material that incorporates a hard-built frame crafted from composite material and hard carbon grip and forearm that enhances its adaptability.

Although the carbon-fiber limbs are featured in this crossbow. Whereas the cam mechanisms incorporated in this crossbow are built with lightweight but sturdy aluminum metal.

The high-functioning cams are efficiently synchronized with the cabling shooting mechanism for enabling this crossbow to shoot with an optimal shooting velocity. As long as the comfort level of this crossbow while hunting is amazingly.

This fair priced crossbow comes along with the adaptable buttstock that has an AR-like formation and pistol-like foregrip that makes its handling immensely convenient.

Velocity & Draw Weight

CAMX X330 Crossbow

The CamX 330 crossbow features premium X-cams that are detailed with robust and rugged strings. Although the cams and cabling mechanism incorporates immense synchronization.

Therefore the CamX 330 crossbow features with a high-energy shooting velocity of 330 FPS along with this the crossbow owns a draw weight of 165 LBS that is quite easy to draw due to its reverse formation and rope cocker.

Sizing & Weight

As for the safety feature, CamX 330 crossbow has end-to-end length of 35-½” along with an axle-to-axle width of 22” when cocked, and 25” when uncocked.

Moreover, CamX 330 crossbow has a durable and weightless make along with a phenomenal CNC machined crafted body that makes it weigh almost 6.8 LBS. although it features an optimal draw length of 12-¼”.

Safety & Sighting

CAMX X330 Crossbow

It may be astonishing for you when you ll get to know the safety features installed in CamX 330 crossbow. Its safety features are automatic along with immensely easy to handle operations.

Whereas the spring system powers this wholesome safety feature. So whenever you put an arrow in its barrel it retracts the spring and as a result, it engages the safety mechanism.

As a whole, the safety features of the CamX 330 crossbow are amazingly ambidextrous so that beginners crossbow hunters won’t feel any ambiguity while using it.

So the ADF functionality of this crossbow also works finely which makes your hunting session safe from dry-firing.

Although the TriggerTech technology of this crossbow works quite efficiently, as the trigger gets quite crispy and the trigger pull required for releasing fire is 3-½ LBS. So is the case with the sighting feature it is just phenomenal.

The sighting scope featured in this affordable crossbow is the ARC 330 scope. The sighting scope has high-precision and has sighting relief technology that makes your aiming quite easy. Although the scope also features bolt range reimbursement.


The CamX X330 crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-ARC 330 Scope
  • 4- ACCUSPINE arrows
  • 1-Quiver
  • 1-Rope cocking device
  • 4- Field points
  • 1- Featured sling
  • 1- Wax tube


  • Long-lasting building
  • Safest foregrip
  • Spring-powered safety
  • Premium accuracy
  • Phenomenal ranging


  • Unusual limbs
  • Non-lighted scope
Final Verdict The CamX X330 crossbow is the best safety featured crossbow that comes along with the premium safety and shooting mechanism along with high-grade build material. Although the crossbow has a nonlighted scope with oddly wide limbs.

3: CamX Chaos 325 Crossbow Reviews

CAMX X330 Crossbow


This CamX Chaos 325 is the best hard-hitting crossbow featuring an optimal shooting. Although the kinetic energy stored in it is deadly. This crossbow is crafted with premier accuracy and precision along with its supremely sturdy make.

This Chaos 325 has an attractive and dynamic design that is features premium formation. As the crossbow acquires an amazing lie-low profile that is just phenomenal for rapid maneuvering within the narrow alleys.

Although the design of this crossbow is an advanced bullpup design that is efficient working for aiding your hunting for rapid and easy movement along with high-velocity shooting.

Whereas the comfortability factor and handling of this crossbow are immensely comfy and handy due to the featured ambidextrous formation and exclusive crafting with high-end weight distributed cut out.

The cutout formation of this frame shifts the actual weight of the crossbow towards the stock end of the crossbow so the front part of the crossbow remains light and you won’t feel an excessive weight on the high sensitivity region.

So the hunters don’t have to worry about their fingers which they usually get hurt because of strings. Because this crossbow is featured with thumb savers.

Velocity & Draw Weight

CAMX X330 Crossbow

In this section of CamX Crossbow Chaos 325 reviews, we will discuss its efficiency. This high-powered crossbow has a supply of draw weight of 175 LBS that makes it shoot with a velocity of 325 FPS. Although the draw weight and shooting velocity might sound unusually excessive and under-powered, respectively.

But you would be delighted to know that this crossbow comes along with an external rope cocking device that makes its cocking quite convenient although the under-rated shooting velocity of this crossbow has enormous kinetic energy.

Therefore the featured shooting velocity of this crossbow can easily take down deer, elk, moose, grizzly, etc. So you don’t have to worry about its impact because it has extremely potential shooting despite having average velocity.

Sizing & Weight

CAMX X330 Crossbow

The dimensions of this crossbow has an actual end-to-end length of 35-½”. Although the axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 25” and 22”. Whereas the weightage of 7-¼ LBS along with a power stroke 12-¼”.

Safety & Sighting

Whereas the safety features of this crossbow features CAMX-patented trigger technology that makes it trigger quite crispy along with an optimal pulling weightage of 3-½ LBS.

Although this crossbow has an exclusive PAR functionality for making its safety engagement much more efficient. So the PAR works as a dedicated anti-dry firing mechanism to inhibit dry firing and miss firing.

As for the sighting of this crossbow, then you would love its premier grade AERO Optics Scope that is just awesome and has dimensions of 4x32mm.


The CamX 325 crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-4×32 vision scope
  • 1-4 arrow quiver
  • 6-Featured arrows
  • 1-Hanging sling
  • 1-Hanging sling
  • 1-Rope cocker


  • Dynamic design
  • Convenient cocking
  • Extreme durable building
  • Immensely accurate
  • Premium detailing


  • Outdated appearance
Final Verdict The CamX Chaos 325 crossbow is crafted with sturdy and durable building material along with premium-grade mechanisms along with highly-charged shooting impact. But this crossbow lacks a bit because of its outdated appearance.

FAQs Regarding CamX Crossbow Reviews

1-What makes CamX crossbows stand out among other crossbow brands?

Every other crossbow manufacturers were focusing upon draw weight convenience and extreme shooting velocity. But the thing that makes the CamX crossbow stand out among other crossbow makers is their vision and innovation that lead them towards new design, and innovative features that can lead their crossbow to have an immaculate shooting impact with average shooting velocity along with easy handling, and rapid maneuvering.

2-What is the shooting velocity and dimensions of CamX A4?

The CamX A4 crossbow is featured with a premium-grade shooting mechanism that incorporates high-end innovation therefore the draw weight of 200 LBS enables it to shoot with an appropriate shooting velocity of 370 FPS with premier energy storage.

3-Despite having efficient mechanisms and features why CamX is still under-rated?

The CamX crossbow is quite under-rated all around the globe although few crossbow hunters that are quite expert in it may not be familiar with the CamX crossbow. You must be curious that why is it so. It is because the CamX crossbows are a bit pricey and the manufacturer of CamX crossbows hasn’t put forward that much crossbow variant that could attract an enormous audience.

4-Which safety features are incorporated in CamX Chaos 325?

The CamX Chaos 325 is featured with CAMX-patented trigger technology to make its trigger pulling weigh 3-½ LBS along with enhancing crispiness. Although this crossbow has an exclusive PAR functionality for making its safety engagement much more efficient. So the PAR works as a dedicated anti-dry firing mechanism to inhibit dry firing and miss firing.

Final Conclusion

Here you’re. I hope you have just finished the CamX Crossbow Reviews and it has indeed proved to be quite helpful for you because we have put immense efforts into unleashing every possible feature with in-depth knowledge so you can get yourself acknowledged fully.

But to this extent, if you’re waiting for some sort of expert opinion then you’re right it just ahead just scroll down to see the expert suggested crossbow based upon their efficiency and formation.

The CamX Chaos 325 crossbow can be your cup of tea if you’re looking for a crossbow that can take down all sorts of games. As it comes along with optimal but deadly impact shooting velocity that can take down deer, elk, moose, or even grizzly. But if you’re looking for some high-efficiency crossbows that have high-performing cam and safety mechanisms then the CamX X330 crossbow is waiting for you. As it has a highly durable frame with dynamic formation.

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