SA Sports Hunting Crossbows Reviews

You must be looking for premium value crossbows that are quite affordable and high performing along with exquisite efficiency and rugged and robust construction. Then consider SA Sports Crossbows as your priority.

These crossbows can address all your concerns and reservations while purchasing a crossbow. The SA Sports crossbow is highly admired and recommended by veteran crossbow hunters because of its premium building along with high-efficiency features.

On the contrary to other high-rated crossbows like CenterPoint, TenPoint, Barnett crossbows, the SA Sports crossbows are featured with premium efficiency through their CNC-machine crafted frame and highly potential features that add more to their accuracy.

Best SA Sports Hunting Crossbows – Top Picks 2024

If you’re willing to buy a crossbow then you need to relax now because we have brought you the best SA Sports Crossbows Reviews. This review is formulated with authentic information that depicts what we have experienced while testing these crossbows personally.

These SA Sports Crossbow for hunting are incorporated with lightweight but sturdy aluminum metal along with highly dependable composite or carbon material. Whereas the adjustability factor, this crossbow is featured with immense advancement.

sa sports crossbows review

Moreover, this crossbow has the comfiest and supreme handling facility that is backed with a high adaptability feature. So the crossbow also has a highly attractive body finishing featured with superior camouflage layering. It gives mighty strength and high-velocity shooting.

Although the crossbows are crafted with hi-tech functionalities. The SA Sports Crossbow Review will uncover many interesting facts and figures that we have attained from our personal experience. 

This review is put forward with an unbiased and neutral approach so that our readers can have the real essence of our personal experience. With this crossbow, you can keep it adjusted accordingly without any hassle.

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So without dragging it anymore, let us just get straight to our today’s rockstars that are described as follows:

  1. SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow
  2. SA Sports Empire Beast Crossbow
  3. SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow

1: SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow

SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow


The Empire Punisher 420 is placed in first place in our SA Sports Crossbows Reviews. This crossbow is immensely admired and recommended immensely for all-level crossbow hunters. Although it comes along with premium-grade features and mechanisms.

Whereas the premium-grade features and mechanism incorporated in this crossbow are amazingly functional along with supreme smoothness. Although the appearance and handling of Empire Punisher 420 are just amazing.

This crossbow has immaculate dimensions that are very compact and highly viable for those hunters who love to opt for pro-active hunting despite having narrow trails. So the shooting mechanism of this crossbow is packed with lethal impact power for taking down all games. 


The SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 crossbow comes along with a wholesome package packed with the following accessories:

  • 1-Quick Detach Quiver
  • 3-20” Carbon Bolts
  • 1-Lighted 4×32 Scope
  • 1-Rope Cocking Device
  • 1-Hanging Sling
  • 1-Pack of Hex Keys

The Empire Punisher 420 is installed with the dead-silent shooting operation that makes your whole hunting session immensely dampened due to the premium-grade dampening mechanism. Although it comes along with a premier adaptability feature.

There is a highly adaptable foregrip, and the stock installed in the SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 that allows you to have an adjustment margin of 2”. Whereas you can adapt as per your convenience with this crossbow.

It features an immensely precise and accurately crafted aluminum frame. Although its frame is crafted from the CNC machines whereas its cams mechanism is also crafted from the CNC machines, the cams are placed in an inverted manner for advancing their performance.

Velocity & Draw Weight 

SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow review

As the Empire Punisher by AS Sports is featured with inverted aluminum cams. These cams are said to be the most sturdy and lightweight among others. Although the inverted formation makes these cams function very fast that makes it hold a shooting velocity of 420 FPS.

Whereas the inverted cams are synced with the cabling and strings installed in this crossbow that making it hold a draw weight of 185 LBS. although the draw weight may sound excessive it can be done easily through the stock u-shaped sled rope cocker.

Sizing & Weight

The AS Sports Empire Punisher 420 hunting crossbow has the best narrow and compact formation for making your maneuvering quite frisky and rapid. It has an adaptable end-to-end length ranging from 33-¼”-38-¼”.

Whereas a 15-½” Powerstroke makes its shooting high powered along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 7-⅙”/12”. Although this crossbow incorporates a wholesome weightage of 8 LBS.

Safety & Sighting

SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow

Moreover, the safety feature of the Empire Punisher 420 crossbow is installed with a premium trigger facility that holds a wholesome pulling weightage of 3-½ LBS. Whereas the trigger facility is polished immensely for minimal creeping.

Although this crossbow comes along with exclusive ADF functionality that keeps your hunting session away from dry firing along with comfy safety functionality that engages automatically whenever you cock it. 

Its sighting functionality is aided with a 4x32mm standard sighting scope that is crafted with a poly reticle feature. So the scope has dual-colored illumination along with its glass etched construction. Whereas the protective glazing makes it have a vision free from fog, and water.


  • Extremely narrow formation
  • Lethal shooting velocity
  • Extremely dampened
  • Immensely accurate and precise
  • Fully assembled


  • It functions precisely with stock arrows

Final Verdict:

The SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow is the best reliable and efficient crossbow that comes along with immaculate shooting velocity and premium-grading building. Although it functions quite silently. This crossbow can perform fully with the stock arrows only.

2: SA Sports Empire Beast Crossbow

SA Sports Empire Beast Crossbow


The SA Sports Empire Beast is the most efficient and amazingly built crossbow. This crossbow is built with premier building material with highly precise crafting CNC machines that extends its efficiency for usage and handling.

Apart from building supremacy this crossbow is featured with high-performing cams and premier adaptable components that elevate its adjustability up to an extended extent so you don’t feel backed while hunting between congested paths.

Although this crossbow as a whole is composed of aluminum and composite building material that makes it weigh optimally. The barrel installed in this crossbow s incorporated with aluminum metal along with the Picatinny railing.

SA Sports Empire Beast Crossbow

Whereas the Picatinny railings incorporate in this crossbow enhances the mounting feature immensely. So the exclusive Quad limb formation of this crossbow further enhances the performance and shooting velocity.

The SA Sports Empire Beast is functioning with highly adaptable that incorporates its buttstock that is of AR formation along with adjustable foregrip. Although this crossbow has patented limbs that are synced with exclusive cams that are featured with inverted formation.

Therefore, the riser and the mounted foregrip of this crossbow aids it to have immense precision and accuracy so you can have a precise and dampened shooting experience because the risers and strings are also synced with each other and dampened effectively.


The SA Sports Empire Beast crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-Sidemount Quiver
  • 3-20” arrows
  • 1-Lighted 4x32mm scope
  • 1-Rope Cocking device
  • 1-Hanging sling
  • 1-Pack of Hex Keys
  • 1-Pack of Screws
  • 1-Pack of Washers

Velocity & Draw Weight 

The SA Sports Empire Beast has the most amazingly functional risers, cams, and cabling mechanisms. Although the CNC-crafted components are installed in it with exquisite silencing and premier performance that makes it shoot with a shooting velocity of 400 FPS.

Whereas the cabling mechanism and string incorporation with the riser makes it hold a draw weight of 185 LBS. Whereas this draw weight might be efficient for pro crossbow hunters but not for beginners therefore a rope-sling cocker is packed for easy cocking over 50% less.

Sizing & Weight

SA Sports Empire Beast Crossbow

Although the SA Sports Empire Beast crossbow comes along with efficient dimensions that are proved to be immensely helpful for hunting within the narrow and congested pathways. This crossbow is featured with a power stroke of 17-¼” and a weightage of 6-¼ LBS.

Whereas the actual end-to-end length of this crossbow is about 35-½” and the axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 14-½”-17-⅙”.

Safety & Sighting

Moreover, the safety facility of this crossbow is facilitated with the exclusive TriggerTech technology that makes the pulling phenomenally crispy and creep-free. Whereas the trigger is held still until a 3-½ LBS weighing pull.

So the safety functionality is enhanced furthermore with the premium grade ambidextrous safety switch that is featured with automatic engagement and the ADF functionality that keeps dry firing away from the whole hunting session.

Although the sighting feature of this crossbow is facilitated with the standard 4x32mm scope. This crossbow scope is combined with a glass-etching and poly-ranging adaptability feature for the premier tracing.


  • High powered shooting
  • Affordable
  • User friendly
  • High precision
  • Weightless


  • No carrying bag included in the package

Final Word:

The SA Sports Empire Beast is the best adaptable crossbow that is featured with an extended adjustability feature through its foregrip and stock. Although this crossbow is powered with optimal shooting velocity. Whereas the package lacks a carrying case.

3: SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow

SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow


The SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow is the best beginner-level crossbow. This crossbow is crafted with an amazing fusion for combining the retro appearance and the latest performance features.

This crossbow is an amazing option for those whore admirers of vintage looks but inclined towards modern functioning features that incorporate extreme shooting impact within optimal shooting velocity.

Although this crossbow is featured with the most comfortable formation that makes your hunting session immensely convenient. This crossbow is featured with an Ergomax cams mechanism.

The cams mechanism installed in this is the most frisky one among all. Although the cams featured in this crossbow have an inverted formation that makes its shooting velocity and the draw weight highly powered, and convenient respectively.

SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow

Moreover, the Diablo crossbow is incorporated with an effective limb and fairly lengthed Powerstroke. Whereas the limbs and Powerstroke of this crossbow are highly-synced with the installed cabling and string mechanisms that make it hold efficient performance.

Therefore the crossbow comes along with the premier grade Picatinny railings. These railings are incorporated with a premium mounting facility. Although the Picatinny railings featured in this crossbow are exclusively tuned with the foregrips.

As a whole, this crossbow is quite sturdy and robust due to its aluminum metal risers that are toned up with premium cabling and string mechanisms. Whereas the construction and formation of this crossbow entitle it with premium and classy looks.


The SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-Quick detach Quiver
  • 3-20’ arrows
  • 1-4x32mm Scope
  • 1-Rope cocking device

Velocity & Draw Weight 

The SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow is functioned with highly toned up risers and limbs, therefore, the components of this crossbow make it hold a draw weight of 185 LBS along with a lethal shooting velocity of 385 FPS.

Although the shooting velocity featured in this crossbow is quite high-powered so that you can take down deer, elk, moose, and grizzlies with immense convenience. Whereas the draw weight is a bit excessive but can be easily drawn with the stock rope cocking device.

Sizing & Weight

SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow

As long as the dimensions of the SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow are featured with a wholesome weightage of 6-½ LBS. although the powers stroke of this crossbow is possessed with a length of 14”.

Although this crossbow is featured with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) 15-½”/18”. Moreover, it is featured with an end-to-end length of 36”.

Safety & Sighting

The SA Sports Empire Diablo Crossbow has beginner-friendly safety features that are quite good in terms of functioning. Although the safety feature is packed with an auto engaging safety button along with premier grade ADF functionality.

This crossbow has a wholesome ambidextrous safety feature along with basic sighting scope of 4x32mm that is layered with sturdy building and water-proof glazing.


  • Premium built
  • Budget-friendly
  • Optimal weightage
  • Reasonable shooting velocity
  • Highly accurate


  • The package has no carrying bag included

Final Words:

The SA Sports Diablo is the best beginner-level crossbow due to its sufficient shooting velocity and exquisite building along with extended mounting facility. Whereas it has a supremely accurate shooting facility. Although the crossbow package lacks a carrying bag.

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How are SA Sports crossbows are rated for their building?

The SA Sports crossbows are composed of extremely durable building materials such as composite, carbon, and aluminum. Although that’s not the only thing that makes them extremely top-rated for premium building. But their accurate and precise crafting through CNC machines and the pre-toning of their cables and strings makes it highly renowned because of premium building.

What are the dimensions of SA Sports Empire Punisher 420?

The SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 crossbow comes along with an adaptable end-to-end length that ranges from 33-¼”-38-¼”. Although this crossbow has a Powerstroke of 15-½”. Whereas it has an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 7-⅙”/12” along with a wholesome weightage of 8 LBS.

Why SA Sports crossbows are highly adaptable?

The  SA Sports crossbows are said to be the most dependable crossbow because they are featured premium quality build material along with heavy-duty formation. Whereas the SA Sports crossbows are crafted through immense accuracy and precision that adds more to their durability.

What are the shooting velocity and a draw weight of SA Sports Empire Beast?

The SA Sports Empire Beast crossbow comes along with premium cabling and string mechanism that are synced with high-performing cams mechanism and limbs, riser. Therefore it can shoot with a velocity of 400 FPS along with a draw weight of 185 LBS

Final Conclusion:

The SA Sports Crossbows Reviews have now come to an end, we hope that it has played an essential role for you to make you understand each n every detail of SA Sports crossbows.

These crossbows have proved to be extremely dependable and sturdy through the testing session although what we have experienced we have tried to convey fully. Whereas you are more than welcome if you still have any kind of ambiguity we are delighted to address it.

Although if you’re looking for expert suggestion then it is:

If you’re a pro crossbow hunter and entailing to upgrade your current crossbow with some highly performing crossbow. Then you can go with the SA Sports Empire Punisher 420 Crossbow because it features everything that any expert hunter woud ever need.
The SA Sports Diablo Crossbow can be your cup of tea if you’re a beginner or intermediate level crossbow hunter because this crossbow features reasonable shooting velocity along with efficient draw weight that is compatible with crank cocking devices.

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