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Today’s blog has brought you the Best Parker Crossbow Reviews. Although this review was demanded immensely and we have brought this to you as soon as we can. This review is enlisted with the premium-grade crossbows Parker has ever made.

The Parker Crossbows are quite renowned in the crossbow hunter’s community. These crossbows are featured with wholesome value-added features and functionalities that will make your shooting and sighting immensely efficient along with top-notch safety features.

Whereas the key feature of Parker Hunting Crossbows is their making and functionality along with its extended adaptability margin. Although the included accessories package is also adding more to their worth.

Best Hunting Crossbows – Top Picks 2024

best Parker Bushwacker Crossbows reviews

These Best Parker Crossbow Reviews are featured with neutral analysis along with the original facts and figures that have been witnessed by us through our personal experience while testing these crossbows thoroughly.

Although this review will uncover the facts behind the dependability, efficiency, and performance. Whereas the review adheres with authentic information that we have been able to collect through our in-depth testing and analysis by ourselves.

The enlisted Parker Crossbow Reviews are tested thoroughly based on their:

  • Safety
  • Formation
  • Building material
  • Shooting velocity

Moreover, the Parker crossbows are crafted with premium-grade limbs, a riser, and a premium railing that enhances its mounting facility. Although the composite, carbon, and aluminum metal are fused for making this crossbow highly durable and sturdy.

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Although the Best Parker Crossbows Reviews 2024 in enlisted with the following crossbows that are hand-picked among their various high performance and efficiency crossbow options. 

  1. Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow
  2. Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme Crossbow
  3. Parker Bush Wacker Crossbow

1: Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow

Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow


The Parker Thunderhawk Pro is placed at first place in the Best Parker Crossbow review. This crossbow is probably the best beginner crossbow that is built to last due to its highly durable composite and aluminum-fused building material.

The Thunderhawk Pro is entitled the best-selling Parker crossbow. Whereas the building formation featured in this is quite compact along with the exquisite operational features that are immensely easy to operate.

Although the Thunderhawk Pro is facilitated with the modern pass-through limbs that are furthermore incorporated with an axle patch mechanism that enhances its operations for smooth and frisky movement.

Whereas the shooting mechanism of this crossbow comes along with the high-efficiency cams mechanism. The cams featured in this crossbow are of synergy variant. These cams are probably the sturdiest cams you would ever see.

So the components and other functioning features are facilitated with phenomenal formations that are only incorporated for easy and frisky maneuvering through narrow alleys. Moreover, this crossbow has primarily dampened shooting.

This Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow is functioning with highly-synced cabling and string mechanism. So the pre-installed shock system makes its shooting dead-silent and extremely smooth.


This Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow comes along with the following accessories:

  • 1-4x32mm RED HOT scope
  • 1-Quick-detach Quiver
  • 4-Arrows with field points

Velocity & Draw Weight 

The Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow comes along with the synergy cams and premium limbs and risers that are crafted from composite and fiberglass building material. Although its features make it hold a shooting velocity of 320 FPS along with a draw weight of 160 LBS.

Sizing & Weight

Moreover, the Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow comes along with highly compact dimensions. It has an actual weightage of 6.9 LBS along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) 21-¼”/27-½”.

Although it is incorporated with a power stroke with an actual length of 10-⅕”, so the actual end-to-end length of this crossbow is 34-¼”.

Safety & Sighting

Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow

As long as the safety and sighting features of this Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow are concerned, then you would probably like its G2 trigger functionality. Although this trigger is configured with high-functioning bull-pup formation.

Although its wholesome safety functioning feature comes along with the comfortable automated engagement that is initiated at the moment when you cock it. So the anti-dry firing feature is installed with a bit of improvement that locks the trigger in case of dry firing. 

Whereas the sighting of this crossbow is featured with the premium grade scope by RED HOT that has dimensions of 4x32mm.


  • Convenient usage
  • Premium building
  • Phenomenal performance
  • Immense accuracy
  • Convenient sizing


  • Underpowered
  • Shoots finely with exclusive Parker arrows

Final Verdict:

This Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow comes along with premium build quality along with immensely dampened operations and high-functioning features. Although this crossbow feels a bit underpowered. Although it works fine with stock arrows only.

2: Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme Crossbow

Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme Crossbow


The Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme crossbow is the best-powered crossbow by Parker. This crossbow is incorporated with high-functioning cams and cabling mechanisms and strings. Its featured components and mechanisms are highly-synchronized with each other.

Whereas the featured design of this crossbow is said to be the most amazing due to its improved formation along with the patented XXT technology. Although the formation and patented technology make it store an immense amount of kinetic energy while cocking.

Furthermore, it has Xtreme Xbow technology installed in it that is primarily synced with its cams. So the installed cams are contributed with an inverted formation that makes its drawing and releasing quite frisky for high-velocity shooting.

Although the cams are of Synergy variant, whereas the featured risers in this crossbow are of cavity-back formation. So the pass-through limbs featured in it make its shooting empowered with high velocity.

Moreover, it has a premium factory-installed shock system that enables it for noiseless shooting. This noise reduction functionality is backed with the patented dampeners installed in its pass-through limbs.

As a whole, the Tornado XXT Extreme crossbow is crafted for immense stability and efficiency along with a dead-silent shooting facility.


The Parker Tornado XXT Extreme crossbow is packed with the following accessories:

  • 1- 4×32 scope
  • 1-4 arrow Quiver
  • 4-Field pointed arrows
  • 1-Rope cocking device

Velocity & Draw Weight 

Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme Crossbow review

There are synergy cams installed in the Tornado XXT Extreme crossbow with inverted formation. Although these inverted cams and pass-through limbs make it hold a shooting velocity of 365 FPS with an efficient draw weight of 160 LBS.

Whereas the draw weight might be a bit excessive. But you don’t have to worry about it as it comes along with an external cocking device. Although the crossbow is compatible with the cran cocking device you can utilize it if you want.

Sizing & Weight

As long as the dimensions of Parker Tornado XXT Extreme crossbow are concerned then you would fall in love with its 15-⅙” Powerstroke that is featured in its frame that incorporates an end-to-end length of 34-⅙”.

Although it has an axle-to-axle width(cocked/uncocked) of 39”/34-⅕” along with a wholesome weightage of 8-¼ LBS.

Safety & Sighting

Parker Tornado XXT Xtreme Crossbow testing & review

There is a bull-pup formation featured in its G2 trigger for extending the safety feature efficiency of the Parker Tornado XXT Extreme crossbow along with an improved ADF locking feature that is quite comfy with its automatic engagement.

Although this crossbow comes along with a stock scope that is crafted with premium-grade building material and 4x32mm dimensions.


  • Rapid assembling
  • Immaculate precision
  • Supreme sighting
  • Efficient safety
  • Lethal shooting velocity


  • Over-weighted

Final Verdict:

The Tornado XXT Extreme is the best flagship crossbow you could Ever have at such an amazing price. This crossbow features deadly shooting velocity along with an extensive energy charge. It is a wholesome pack, but the crossbow itself weighs a bit much.

3: Parker Bushwacker Crossbow

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow review


The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is placed at 3rd spot although it has premier building quality along with immensely efficient controlling and safety options. This crossbow has an amazingly compact formation along with highly dependable components.

As the frame is composed of hard carbon and composite material along with a fusion of aluminum metal that incorporates strenuous strength and durability in its composition. The limbs are attached with modern formation.

The installed limbs are crafted with CNC machines through the solid and sturdy carbon make along with exterior protective layering for adding further strength. These limbs are featured with exclusive cut-through functionality for added functionality.

Moreover, it has premium Synergy variant cams featured that are quite efficient for sound and safe functioning. Although the risers featured in it come along with high-synced functioning. These featured risers are crafted from hard aluminum metal that weighs less.

As long as the handling convenience and adaptability of the Bushwacker crossbow is taken off effectively through the exclusive pistol-like hand grip crossbow and adaptable forearm grip. The pistol-like handgrip is layered with a soft and sturdy latex layer for comfy usage.

Although the Bushwacker crossbow by Parker achieves premium-grade sturdiness and durability through their barrel. These featured barrels are crafted with a fire-arm grade polymer material that extends its usage and durability, immensely.

Collectively speaking, all the components and the functioning features installed in this crossbow adhere with extreme precision and synchronization. The highly synced and precise functionality of this crossbow enables highly impactful shooting under 500$.


The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is packed with the following premium-grade accessories package:

  • 1-RED HOT Scope
  • 1-4 arrow Quiver
  • 4-Arrows with field points

Velocity & Draw Weight 

As the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is featured with premium functioning components and functionalities through a synced ambiance that makes it hold a shooting velocity of 300 FPS with an efficient backing of lethal energy charge for taking down big games.

Although the high energy charged shooting velocity of this crossbow comes along with a draw weight of 160 LBS. whereas the crossbow holds a bit of excessive draw weight therefore it can be drawn easily with stock EZ pull mechanism compatibility.

Sizing & Weight

Parker Bushwacker Crossbow green

Therefore the power stroke of 11” along with a wholesome weightage of 7 LBS enhances the compactness of The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow’s dimensions. Although it has an actual length of 37” along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 23-¼”/29”

Safety & Sighting

You must love the Bushwacker’s featured safety functionality because such an immensely charged crossbow needs an effective safety mechanism. This crossbow comes along with a G2 variant trigger mechanism that holds immense crisp and no creeping.

So the ADF mechanism keeps your hunting session safe from dry firing along with an automatically engaging safety engagement functionality that is efficient for engaging with cocking.

Whereas the sighting facility of this crossbow is featured with a standard scope by RED HOT that holds dimensions of 4x32mm and multi-zooming points.


  • Exquisite sighting
  • Highly comfy usage
  • Ultra-narrow formation
  • Immensely energy charged shooting
  • Best for all-level crossbow hunters


  • Cocking device not included in the pack

Final Word:

The Parker Bushwacker Crossbow is featured with modern building formation and efficient shooting mechanism. This crossbow has an immensely charged high-energy shooting feature. Its shooting is effective till 20 yds, and the package doesn’t have a cocking device.

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How much Kinetic Energy is stored in the Parker Bushwacker Crossbow?

The Parker Bushwacker crossbow has a Kinetic Energy of 80 ft. lbs stored in a single shoot. It is because the Bushwacker crossbow comes along with premium building and high-efficiency shooting mechanism. Although the shooting mechanism is featured with immense syncing. Whereas the shooting facility is empowered with Synergy cams.

Why are the Parker Crossbows soo renowned?

Although the hunting crossbow market is filled with many flagships and high-performing crossbows by many high-rated crossbow manufacturers. These Parker crossbows have induced a particular spot among other crossbow. This particular identity of Parker crossbow is just because of their affordable price range along with the highly dependable building that incorporates premium building material. Although this crossbow is mainly renowned because of its patented synchronized functioning with the high-quality Synergy cams.

What are the draw weight and shooting velocity of Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow?

The Parker Thunderhawk Pro Crossbow comes along with phenomenally functioning limbs, risers, and cams. Whereas these components function with premium syncing that makes it hold a draw weight of 160 LBS along that results in a shooting velocity of 320 FPS with extremely lethal kinetic charge.

What are the dimensions of Parker Tornado XXT Extreme? 

The Parker Tornado XXT Extreme comes with phenomenal dimensions that are just amazing for hunting within the narrow alleys. These dimensions are backed with a power stroke length of 15-⅙” and a weightage of 8-¼ LBS. although it has an actual end-to-end length of 34-⅙” along with an axle-to-axle width (cocked/uncocked) of 39”/34-⅕”.

Final Conclusion:

So there you are, hope you must have completely gone through the Best Parker Crossbow Review. As we have tried our level best to address every possible concern you might have but there is always room left for improvement.

So if you do have any sort of reservation or query while choosing your first Parker crossbow then do let us know we would love to address your problem wholeheartedly and if you’re looking for an expert’s opinion then here it is.

Our expert opinion is put forward based upon the affordability of our reader or the performance-based requirement of our reader.

If you’re an expert or intermediate-level crossbow hunter and you are planning to replace your current crossbow with any high-powered crossbow then go with the Tornado XXT Extreme by Parker. This crossbow is the thing you would ever ask for in all types of games.
The Parker Thunderhawk Pro crossbow can be your mate if you’re short on budget but looking for an optimally performing crossbow. Because this crossbow is featured with effective shooting velocity along with premium dimensions for all types of terrains.

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